With Site Scheduling, as a manager you have the ability to add an address to an area of work within a location, allowing more specificity in your shifts and allocating staff to locations that are not a central place of work.

In this article we will cover:

How to Access Site Scheduling

To access site scheduling, navigate to the 'Locations' page in Deputy. Select the Location you would like to add the site-specific addresses and click the 'Edit Settings' button.

Next select 'Areas' and Add your new area or Edit an existing area as required.

How to Add Addresses to Areas

On the edit Area module, you will now see the options to add an address to your selected area. To add an address change the address option toggle to YES.

Switching the toggle to YES will reveal a new window that will allow you to add an address.

Type the desired address. You can also open the map view and drop the map pin to change the address or more precisely place the pin according to the shift location. Once finished, click Save.

Now you are ready to schedule team members to the Area with the address.

How to View your Site Scheduling Setup

From the same Areas list, you can quickly see which areas have an individual address set by looking for the location pin icon next to the area name.

As a manager, when scheduling staff via the scheduling page you will also be able to view the addresses on the areas which have site-based scheduling set up as they have the location pin icon next to their name. This will allow you to view the addresses quickly by mousing over the name while scheduling your staff.

If your team members are scheduled to an Area that has an address set, they will see the Shift Address in their upcoming shift details.

In the above shift views, the team member can click the purple distance text to bring up a map that displays the address of the area where their shift is scheduled.

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