Use the new Touchless Clock In feature to enable your employees to clock in and out of work, as well as start and end breaks without touching the Android device.

This touchless solution to track time and attendance will help your businesses alleviate some of the stress around quickly adapting to new health and safety procedures as well as provide a faster clock in and out experience for employees.

In this guide we will cover:

  • What is Touchless Clock In

  • Is Touchless Clock In suitable for my business

  • How it works

  • Enable and get started

  • Tips and FAQs

What is Touchless Clock In

The Android Time Clock Face Unlock feature allows employees to clock in and out for work with a contactless scan and voice-activated commands - this includes starting and stopping breaks. By just walking up to the device and using commands such as “Start shift“ or “End break”, employees can avoid needing to touch the device.

Is the Touchless Clock In Suitable for my Business?

This new feature was designed to ensure a safer and hygienic way for employees to clock in and out of their shifts.

It also enables employees to clock into their shifts faster than ever before. It especially suits businesses that have >50 employees all clocking in or out of a shift at one time. Long queues that once formed at the device and resulted in a loss of productivity at the start or end of a shift are now a thing of the past.

Note: The touchless clock in process requires voice-activated commands and so the kiosk device location should not be in a noisy environment.

How It Works

For their first use, your employees will need:

  • A clear profile picture set up on their employee profile (maximum size of 10MB). It should not include more than 1 person otherwise the match will fail.

  • If a profile photo of your employee does not exist, they can set a new profile picture on their Deputy iOS or Android app or via the Deputy website.

Please note voice commands are recognised in English.

The Deputy Android Face Unlock feature is powered by Amazon’s facial recognition technology. Once your device camera detects a face, a photo is taken and securely sent from the device to Amazon, where it is compared against the user's profile picture . If there's a precise match, the respective employee will be able to clock in or out in seconds.

Then, ongoing, it’s just three easy steps for your employees:

  1. Walk up to the device

  2. Hold still and smile for the camera

  3. Clearly state one of the following voice commands: “Start shift”, “End shift”, “Start break” or “End break”

Note: Employees must have a recent, clear and good quality profile photo in their Deputy account. Profile photos must be 10MB or less. Learn more about the Touchless Clock In photo requirements here.

The voice command feature uses voice recognition software and it does not require training. Simply ask your employees to make sure they:

  • speak clearly and enunciate their words

  • are close to the device

  • speak in a calm voice that’s not too quiet or too loud

Enable and Get Started Using Touchless Clock In

Simply download the latest Deputy Android Time Clock app on your tablet (0.6.0 or higher), you will need to have Android OS version 5+. Once you’ve logged into the time clock app and pinned in as a manager, you will be able to turn the feature on via the ‘SETTINGS’ button in the top right hand side of the Me tab. Under Time Clock Settings > Authenticate By you will need to select the “Face Unlock or enter PIN” option.

Once enabled, please allow up to 5-10 minutes for your employees profile photos to be indexed. It is important for all your employees to have profile photos in order for this feature to work.

The Kiosk app will now show the camera on by default. If it doesn’t appear, pull to refresh the employee list on the left hand side of the screen.

For Enterprise Customers
Alongside the ability to enable the feature via the time clock app, Enterprise customers can also enable the feature remotely by simply navigating to the kiosk settings page under the Enterprise tab on web. Under ‘Authenticate By’ look for the “Face Unlock OR Enter PIN“ prompt.

Once you save the setting, it will take approximately 5-10 minutes for all employee photos associated with your account to be converted into unique Face IDs. Once this is done, you’re good to go! The camera should appear as on by default on your device. If it doesn’t appear, pull to refresh the employee list.

Touchless Clock In Quick Tips and FAQs

Need help setting up your Kiosk for the first time? Click here to learn more.

Use the profile photo tip sheet to ensure your employee profile photos are good quality and appropriate for use.

Does the voice feature support multiple languages?
Not at the moment.

What happens if the voice command does not pick up what was said?
Please check that you have not inadvertently revoked access to your device’s microphone. To check, go to your device Settings > Privacy > Permission manager and check that Microphone is enabled for the Deputy Time Clock app.

Note that employees can still fall back to using the existing pin in process to start/end their shifts and breaks.

Do I need to have this feature turned on for all my time clock devices or can I trial it on a few?
You control which time clock devices you want the Face Unlock feature on for - even within a single location you can have 1 time clock device with the feature on and the other with the feature off.

My business is using Custom Timesheet Fields, will my employees be able to clock out without touching the device?
For now, completing Custom Timesheet Fields will still require your employee to interact with the device.

My business does not schedule shifts for our employees, will they be able to clock in without touching the device?
For now, the contactless nature of the Face Unlock feature requires an employee to have a scheduled shift and as such will still require your employee to interact with the device to select the area where they will be working.

What if my employees do not want to use the Face Unlock feature?
Employees will be introduced to the Face Unlock feature the first time they use the time clock, after you’ve turned the feature on.

Those who do not wish to use the Face Unlock feature can opt out of doing so via the 'SETTINGS’ button in the top right hand side of the Me tab, once they have logged into the time clock app.

Their clock in experience will revert to using the existing pin method.

Where should I place my time clock?
For an optimal clock in experience, make sure your time clock faces a plain wall.

How long does it take to clock in with the Deputy Android Face Unlock feature?
The end to end experience is considerably faster than the existing clock in and clock out functionality per employee.

If as a manager, I update the profile picture of my employees, which profile picture is used by the Face Unlock feature?

If a manager updates the profile picture of employees, this will be used by the Face Unlock feature. The profile photo of the employee set at the account level will be used to compare the photo taken at the time clock device. If an account level profile photo does not exist, it will use the employee's global level profile photo instead.

However, if an employee does later update their own profile picture, the manager uploaded photo will be replaced & the new employee uploaded profile photo will be used by the Face Unlock feature.

Where does Deputy store profile or time clock photos?
Just as we do today with profile photos and timesheet photos, the Deputy Android Face Unlock feature will capture the photo required for timesheet approvals to be stored on Deputy’s Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 buckets.

Otherwise, the images taken on the time clock are only used in transit to send to the facial recognition service and are not stored. The geometric distance between primary facial features is stored and used to calculate similarity. If you wish to read up on the AWS Data Privacy statement, you can do so here, and if you have any questions feel free to chat with our team.

Are there any country/state specific laws for capturing and storing biometric data?
Please check your local geographical laws regarding storage and usage of biometric data. As a minimum we suggest you communicate usage of this feature with your employees.

Note that once an employee is archived or removes their consent, we will delete their biometric data.

Will I be charged to use the Deputy Android Face Unlock feature?
There will be no charge for this feature.

Is this feature supported on other Android devices?
It's not supported on Android mobile phones, only tablets. Note that the Android Time Clock app in general only works on tablets.

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