This session provided an in-depth training on Deputy Timesheets. We explored the fundamentals of timesheets including leave timesheets, breaks, export basics and general time-saving tips & tricks.

We also held a live Q&A during which we addressed your questions, use case scenarios, and feedback.

Specifically, the topics we covered were:

  • Locations/area and date selection

  • Approve and manage timesheets (incl. leave timesheets)

  • GPS, Kiosk pictures, History, Comments and Journal

  • Un-approve Pay & Shift Loadings

  • Export Basics

View the Timesheeet Basics Training Recording

Questions and Answers From the Live Q&A

Q: Is there any chance the date parameter defaults to the actual week, needing approval? (It seems that it always defaults to a random week)

The date selector defaults to the most recently viewed week. The current week can be selected from the selector tool, however we will send this feedback to our team!

Q: Can you enter a custom award?

If you are looking for an award that is different from the Awards that are currently available in Deputy, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team.

Q: How do you choose the award and where is it located in deputy?

The Awards Library is available when you are setting the pay rates on the employee's profile in Deputy. When you edit and employee, navigate to the pay rates section and select the award from the drop down box. Use this guide to Set or Edit and Employee Pay Rates.

Q: When exporting timesheets, are we able to export hours worked only? For example, Mon-Fri 8 hours, Sat 2 hours. I already have pay fields entered in Xero but Deputy keeps adding different ones.

Deputy will always export all of the items that are present on the timesheet. With our awards, on the first export we will push all the award items into the Xero file and assign them to the employee, so that future exports run smoothly.

If you are seeing pay fields that you are not familiar with, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team who will be able to identify the field and determine where it is being referenced.

Q: How do you know the export limitations of MYOB etc.?

Most of our exports are built with these limitations in mind. In the case where there might be a limitation, you will receive an error message when exporting, notifying you of the limitation that you need to address. Click this link to learn more about our integration with MYOB.

Q: We previously received complaints that uploading photos takes a long time in Deputy?

When uploading photos to Deputy, ensure there is a stable connection to the internet. We recommend employee photos are no more than 5MB however photos up to 10MB will be accepted. Check out this article on Employee Profile Photos for more information.

Q: Can we have an option for two or more managers to approve timesheets?

Deputy currently only has 1 level of timesheet approval.

Q: Can you delete out old pay rates? For Example GRIA - Cas - 1 July 2019?

Currently Deputy holds all awards regardless of their age. This is something we are considering addressing in the product moving forward.

Q: If you add a timesheet after you have approved the whole week, do you need to unapprove the days after so that any overtime will be calculated correctly?

Yes, if you add a timesheet after the week, you will need to unapprove the previous timesheets, in order to calculate any overtime correctly.

Q: What is the difference between using the "Unapprove Time" and "Unapprove Pay" button?

'Unapprove time' will unapprove the entire timesheet, allowing you to modify the start time, end time, area, break times, dates etc.

The 'Unapprove Pay' button will only unapprove the pay rates on the timesheet such as the ordinary hours assigned to the timesheet. This will allow you to modify the pay rules being assigned to the timesheet.

Q: How do I submit statutory holiday? i.e. The day is otherwise a working day but due to a public holiday, staff didn't work but still get paid the ordinary rate for the day.

For public holiday not worked, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team as this requires a few additional steps to set up in the backend of your account.

Q: Does auto approval of time sheets, (say if clock-ins are within 5 mins of the rostered time) have any affect on the best practise of chronological timesheet approval?

If the timesheets do not match the schedule times you will see an error symbol on the timesheet prior to approval.

Q: Does the Deputy app have to stay open or can a user submit photos for the upload and close the app?

The app does not need to stay open during the upload process.

Q: If I've pressed 'Approve all' timesheets by accident, how can I unapprove them all again?

Next to the "Approve all" button is an arrow with the option to "Unapprove all" timesheets for the employee.

Q: I don't have pay rates showing in the timesheets section below the Break Details. Why could that be? (I do have pay rates in Deputy but not an award)

If you have recently changed the employee's pay rates you will need to unapprove and then re-approve the timesheets for the rates to display.

Q: Regarding the Job Keeper in Australia, do you measure this in the scheduled hours?

We don't measure this in the scheduled hours but are able to determine this in the JobKeeper Report available in Deputy. This report will show you who is eligible for the Job Keeper payment. Learn more about the JobKeeper Report.

Q: Do you need to enter the employee's base rate in the award manually each time you add a new employee in deputy or does it automatically pick it up from the award?

This will need to be added manually when setting up the employee in Deputy.

Q: How do you schedule leave?

You don't put leave in the schedule. Employees can apply for leave and managers can then approve or decline or as a manager you can add leave in the employee's profile under "Leave". Check out the Leave Management article for more information.

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