This article will outline the Scheduling Statistics changes included in the Business Insights update of Deputy. This article will cover the following:

  • Stats Panel Overview

  • Labor Statistics

  • Viewing Statistics

Business Insights is a new feature in Deputy to help you optimise how you roster and manage staff in Deputy. The data handled by the Business Insights feature is represented via the Stats Panel, found in the Schedule view by clicking the 'Stats' button.

Stats Panel Overview

Use the Stats Panel to forecast expected sales and roster staff. The Stats Panel graphically displays your Sales data, Required labor, Schedule cost, and Total Scheduled staff, as well as any Custom Metric added through Business Insights. This is represented in 1-hour, showing a summary of the different statistics for that block while hovering over it. You can also configure the blocks to show a 15-minute summary via the Business Insights settings.

To see a summary of the whole day, hover your cursor over the cost figure at the top of the Stats panel.

Required Labor Statistics

After setting up your Labor Model in the Business Insights Dashboard, you can use our Auto Scheduling to build your shift structure and assign employees to it.

To view your Required Labour statistics, you can enable the 'Required Staff' metric by ticking the box for it in the Summary view.

With this metric enabled, you will be able to compare the values across the Stats panel. If you wish to Roster or Schedule your employees manually, you can enter your own data into the Required Staff metric just like adding Sales data. This will allow you to set guidelines for your rostering managers to follow while scheduling your staff.

Viewing Statistics

In addition to being able to review your statistics in the Stats panel, you can also find statistics in the following areas.

Employee Costing Panel

Located on the left side of the Schedule, this panel will list the staff assigned to the location you are viewing. Each staff member in the list will have a total of all their hours and a total cost for their schedules shown in the current view.

These values update in real time, so if you are viewing your Monday-Friday schedule on Tuesday, the hours and cost for Monday will come from the employee’s Timesheet, instead of their Schedule.

For example if an employee is scheduled to work 5 days of 8 hours per day, the total will show as 40 hours. If that employee clocks out after 9 hours on Monday, then on Tuesday you will see this total update to 41 hours instead of 40. This will allow you to keep track of your employee’s hours and help avoid overworking employees when adding last minute schedules to the week.

Your salaried staff won’t show their cost in this panel, as they are costed differently in Deputy. For more information on setting up salary, please see this article on Salary Allocation.

Summary View

On the Schedule, in the top left corner of Stats Panel, the Summary View will show you a breakdown of your selected Schedule view, with information such as:

  • wage vs sales percentage

  • total wage cost vs wage budget

  • total sales

  • total filled hours vs hour budget

This summary will be shown here on all Schedule views beside 'Day' view, which instead has the summary in the Stats panel.

For help with Scheduling Statistics please get in touch with our 24/7 support team.

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