In this article, you will learn how to create custom timesheet fields that are displayed when an employee clocks in, out or during a shift. This can be useful to capture information such as an employee’s current state of health or determine the reasoning behind an employee's hours being different than scheduled.

By using this feature you can also block employees clocking into a shift and/or notify a manager based on an employee’s response. This enables Deputy businesses to take control of an employee clocking in if they are breaching policy (e.g fever, sick, etc). It is available on Deputy iOS app, iOS Kiosk, and Android Time Clock app.

We'll cover in this article:

  • Example shift questions you may choose to use in your business

  • How to create custom timesheet fields and set up shift questions

  • Helpful tips and tricks

Example Uses of Shift Questions

Questions can be very custom to your business however here are a few common examples that may help you begin using Shift Questions.

Keep Your Workplace Healthy

  • Prior to each shift worked, employers are able to record a response to whether they are experiencing COVID symptoms which can protect employers from the liability of having employees exposed to the virus and help prevent spread.

  • Hygiene checklists at clock in can ensure staff complete hygiene practices before or after they start a shift.

Attest Why an Employee May Be Late

  • Configure a question which your employees must attest to in the scenario where the worked time that's different to their rostered time. I this case, attestation (or lack thereof) drives payment known as predictability pay.

Various Protocol Checks

  • Configure questions to determine if employees have the right tools for the job or did team members follow the correct procedures required to start their job.

Shift Questions

To begin using Shift Question you will first create a new Timesheet Custom Field. Navigate to the Business settings page by clicking on your name in the top right and select 'Business Settings'.

From Business Settings, click the ‘Timesheets’ Tab, and click Shift Questions. From here, you will be able to create a New Custom Field.

Set the ‘Custom Field Type’ to ‘Timesheet’. 'Choose to make the field active' will be for ON or active.

Fill in the 'Field Name' which is the title of the custom timesheet field.

Enter the 'Field Details' which is the main body of the field and then tick 'Validation' which will make it mandatory.

Next set the 'Display timing' to 'Clock in' or 'Clock in/ out and update' depending on which point/s in time you would like to display the field.

For Yes / No Questions (also called Boolean)

You are able to set 'Field conditional rules' which allow you to set a workflow based on the inputted answer an employee provides. Select the value, which is Yes/ No in this case, and then select what action will be triggered.

In this example above, we added the question, 'Are you experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms?' and made it a Yes/ No question. We then designated if the employee selects 'Yes' to the question, the employee will not be allowed to clock in and the manager will be notified.

Remember to click 'Save This Custom Field' when you're done.

Custom Fields by Areas

Pro Tip: You can designate custom fields by Areas as needed within your business. If no specific Areas are selected, it will default apply to all Areas.

The list of available Areas will appear at the bottom of the screen. In this example we want all employees to be asked, 'Are you experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms?' so we leave all Areas unchecked which defaults to all Areas.

Use this guide to learn more about setting up Areas.

Employee's View of the Health Check

Now that we have set up a mandatory Health Check shift question for employees, let's see what it looks like for an employee starting a shift. This example is using the iOS app and this function is also available on the iOS Kiosk and Android Time Clock.

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