Use Smart Scheduling to make informed business decisions, drive down costs and ensure optimal schedule coverage with clear and accurate data-driven insights.

This guide written for System Administrator and Location Managers will help you get started using Smart Scheduling features in your business and will cover:

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Why Use Smart Scheduling?

As a business owner or leader, you're probably already trying to figure out how to make your business more efficient, run better and be more profitable. You might be using spreadsheets and workarounds to try and express what your "gut" might be telling you.

Now you can use the suite of Smart Scheduling tools in Deputy to get a handle on key business metrics, to look under the hood and begin to see trends and opportunities in your business more clearly.

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How To Access Smart Scheduling In Deputy

To get started using Smart Scheduling, go to the Schedule page and click on Insights.


Once you have Smart Scheduling set up, you can also view the stats panel within the Schedule page by clicking on Show stats panel from the Insights menu drop-down or expand out the Graph or Table view on left-hand side of the page as shown below:

Stats Panel

Overview of each of the features of Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling refers to a set of features available to you in Deputy that help you schedule smarter for your business:

Business Insights

Use the Business Insights Dashboard to reveal and measure meaningful data in your business. Track forecast to actual variance in sales wage metrics and set performance benchmarks. Use the Dashboard to deep dive into specific metrics in your business to identify and measure trends over time. Build custom metrics to give you visibility of the demand measures unique to your business.

Read Business Insights Dashboard for more information

Setting Schedule Budgets

You can set a daily or weekly wage budget and/or hourly budget for each location or area of your organisation.

As a scheduling manager, you can use schedule wage cost or hourly budgets and check the variances. You can ensure that you are budgeting your staff within variance, allowing you to increase or reduce your workforce as required.

Read Setting Schedule Budgets for more information.

Labor Modeling

Use the Labor Modeling dashboard to help your business forecast requirements based on metrics.

You can determine the number of required staff based on sales or your own custom metrics that best suits your business. This will empower your business to stay on budget and forecast employees according to demand.

Read Labor Modelling for more information.

Scheduling Statistics

When creating a schedule, there are many competing factors that need to be considered to ensure your coverage is balanced, and on budget.

On the cost side, you have the rostered hours, and ultimately the cost of wages for scheduled employees, while on the demand side you may be looking at the foot traffic, transaction count, and sales that will be made on the day.

With our Stats Panel, you can see all of these factors in a simple snapshot, providing real-time budget guardrails as you schedule.

Read Using The Stats Panel for more information.

Sales Data Integration

Connect your POS system for Actual Sales data upload to improve your ability to create an optimal schedule that matches revenue.

Deputy can provide forecast sales figures based on your actual historical sales data and you can in turn use this to better schedule around anticipated revenue.

Read Sales Data Integration and How to Build Set and Track Sales Forecasts for more information.

Note: if you can't connect your POS, you still have the ability to enter actual sales data in Business Insights.

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