This video guide provides information and demonstrates the steps necessary to successfully pay JobKeeper payments using Deputy and Xero. Please note these disclaimers:

  • Information in this guide should not be considered financial or accounting advice 

  • Make sure you talk directly to your financial advisor or relevant Government body for further clarification and information

  • Some information in this guide is available on Government websites 

  • This video was recorded April 27, 2020,  thus if you are watching after this date it is important to check for further updates by talking to your advisor and relevant Government body

This step-by-step video guide is designed to help demonstrate the necessary steps and cover the following:

Section 1: JobKeeper basics
Section 2: Steps to use Deputy and Xero to make JobKeeper payments
Section 3: Managing JobKeeper in your payroll system to ensure subsidy payments

Section 1: JobKeeper Basics and Enrolment

Let's begin by understanding what JobKeeper is, and about your company and employee eligibility.


JobKeeper fast facts, criteria and identifying eligibility
How to use the Deputy JobKeeper Report
JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice
JobKeeper Employer Enrolment

Section 2: How to use Deputy and Xero to make JobKeeper Payments

This section demonstrates the steps of your pay run with JobKeeper when exporting from Deputy. In this video scenario, we have assumed:

  • Scheduling is in a fortnightly pattern

  • Some staff have exceeded the $1500 payment amount and some have not

  • All timesheets have been approved and ready to export

  • You've completed steps 1, 2 and 3 using the Xero JobKeeper widget including the using the calculator, enroled your business with the ATO, and set up Single Touch Payroll (STP)

If you have not yet setup your Xero account to be JobKeeper ready, you must do this by following the steps in the Xero JobKeeper widget. This video demonstrates step 4 onward.


Guide to using Deputy During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Section 3: Manage JobKeeper in your payroll solution to ensure receipt of the subsidy payment

After you have successfully filed your pay run using Single Touch Payroll (STP) you can download the file which has been submitted to the ATO.

Note: If members of your team do not receive the minimum payment of the $3,000 per two fortnight periods, you will not receive any subsidy from the government. 

Pro Tip: Run the Xero 'Payroll Employee Summary' report to set specific date periods to ensure you have paid your team $3,000. 

Xero, has released very helpful an in-depth videos available on the Xero Facebook group and Xero LinkedIn profiles.

Click here to watch the JobKpper video in its entirety.


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