Having a central place for team communication is important for any business, which is why so many of our customers use the Deputy News Feed. In addition to sharing text posts, messages, PDFs and other important documents, teams can also use the News Feed to upload video content.

Sharing videos straight to the News Feed is a great way to communicate more personally with your team, share important visual updates to procedures and introduce new team members remotely.

In this article you will learn how to:

Upload a Video to the News Feed on Mobile

From your phone, you have the option to either post an existing video from your gallery, or film a video and share it directly to the News Feed. 

Upload a pre-recorded video from your gallery by tapping the plus button in the top right of your News Feed screen, then select the video you would like to post. 

Type any instructions or information in your post and then click 'Post' which will then post it to your News Feed. 

To record a video directly from the News Feed, select the 'Attach Photos and Videos' option from the options at the bottom of the screen. 

You will need to allow Deputy access to your camera and audio when prompted in order to allow Deputy to record through the News Feed.

Once you’ve finished recording your video, you will have the option to retake, trim or post the video into the News Feed. 

Note that the maximum video upload is 100MB (roughly 3-5 minutes).

Pro Tip: If your post is important, be sure to select 'Require Confirmation from Recipients' at the bottom which will ensure all team members in the posting group will see the post.

Upload a Video to the News Feed on the Web App

From the Web app, you can upload a pre-recorded video to from your gallery to the News Feed.

To do this, select ‘Create Post’ from the News Feed tab.

You have the option of uploading your video to the News Feed just as you would a document,  PDF or image.

Click post to share to your News Feed.

Set Confirmation Receipts

For important updates, you can verify who has seen your video by enabling confirmation receipts on both the web and mobile app.

To do this on the web, toggle on the slide at the bottom of the post that says ‘Require confirmation from all readers' will ensure that all team members in the posting group will see the post.

On the mobile app, toggle on 'Require Confirmation from Recipients' at the bottom which will ensure all team members in the posting group will see the post.

Resources and FAQ

What files can I upload?
You can upload and playback MOV and MP4 files on iPhone, Android and Web.

Can I upload video using Kiosk?
Kiosk can only playback videos at the moment but you can still upload messages and photos.

Can I record and post using iPhone and Android?
Yes you can record and post directly from either mobile device platforms. However, there is a 100MB limit on the file. We recommend you record first using your camera and then upload.

How long of a video can I post?
The video newsfeed is designed for short videos. We have a 100MB limit on the size. We recommend keeping them short and to the point.

Can I post videos from Youtube or Vimeo?
Yes, absolutely.  For longer videos, you can first upload your videos on Youtube, Vimeo or other video services and paste the link in the news feed. 

Tip: You can upload Youtube videos as unlisted so they won’t appear in the Youtube search engine.

Can I mark the content to receive confirmation from all readers?
Yes, like any news feed content, as a manager you can upload a video and mark it with the confirmation toggle. This way you can track who has watched the videos and who hasn’t.

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