Since cameras were added to our phones, it seems we take photos of friends, family, and even our food more often than ever! So why is it so hard to get the perfect profile photo?  

We've got a few tips for uploading and using an appropriate and good quality photo for your Deputy profile photo. 

This article covers:

  • Why upload a photo?

  • Add or update a profile photo

  • Photo quality guidelines and tips

  • Deputy photo-related features

Why Upload Profile Photos?

Employee photos should be loaded when employees are first set up or invited to join Deputy. Profile Photos are required for clocking in on the Kiosk and for Touchless Clock In which uses employee profile photos and voice commands.

Profile Photo Set Up

Add or Update a Profile Photo

To add or update a photo for your employee, go to the "People" tab and find the employee. 

Once open, click "Edit Profile" in the upper right and select "Profile" to upload the photo.

Note, the photo must be 10MB or less. Click "Save Employee" and its added!

As an employee you can update or add a profile photo by logging in and clicking in on "Edit Profile" then select "Profile Photo" and select the photo. Click "Save" and your new profile photo will be loaded. 

Photo Quality Guidelines and Tips

Please note, the profile photo should not be too dark and the face clear, which are two of the most common issues. 

  • Photos should be a maximum size of 10MB 

  • There should only be 1 face in the photo 

  • The face is too small compared to the image dimensions

  • The face is too blurry

  • The image is too dark

  • The face has an extreme pose

  • The face doesn’t have enough detail to be suitable for face search

  • Should be a recent photo

  • No hat, no glasses

  • Full-on front face view, no profile views

When in doubt, use the Australian passport photo or  US passport photo requirements and the basis for your photo.

Photos Do's and Don'ts

Here are examples of appropriate and good quality profile photos. 

Make sure the face is facing the camera and the image is well lit.


Sorry, adorable pets should not be included and only one face in the photo. No Sunglasses and be sure the face is not obscured.

Deputy Features

Kiosk and Touchless Clock In and Out

Deputy profile photos are used to clock in or out, on the Kiosk and used for Touchless Clock In.  Both features will not work if your profile photo cannot be matched to your Deputy profile photo.

Check out this article for help setting up your Deputy Kiosk.

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