Food delivery services are essentially restaurant and menu search engines on your computer and smartphone. They act as a middleman, connecting customers with food outlets and organising delivery.

This CHOICE guide to delivery service apps may help provide context for how they work.  This article explains about how to capitalise on delivery. The Restaurant & Catering Association also released this one pager to help. 

There is no shortage of delivery options and services. Here are a few considerations as you decide if you will DIY or use an existing delivery service.

  • Check the %. Some services take up to 35% of the cut, which is something to consider in regards to your prices and margins.

  • Service rating. Poor delivery service can reflect poorly on your business,  even if your food is amazing.

  •  Temperature Control. Some businesses have cited cold food due to slow drivers who lack the appropriate storage containers in their delivery vehicle.  Be sure delivery staff have the right containers. TIP - provide delivery staff with cleaner and hand sanitizer to wipe down their containers.

  • Research services. The growing popularity of food delivery services means many food outlets need to be onboard to survive.  

  • Customer payment. Customers can usually pay using multiple payment methods

  • Tracking. Services allow customers can track their orders which helps set customer expectations.

  • Cancellation Policy.  Cancellations generally must be communicated to you directly.

  • Get the Word Out. Many services offer filters and marketing strategies via the delivery App to promote your business and menu.

  • Menu Visibility. Your menu is provided online and can include images and photo.

We are adding more delivery services resources to this article daily so please contact us and check back for more information!

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