You may now need different roles working in you business. Since your front-of-house roles are not necessary to interact with customers right now, redeploy your employees to order management,  runners and other key roles.

  • Ensure your employee’s welfare and health are top of mind always

  • Redefine your team’s roles as you add new order and delivery responsibilities

  • Ensure social distancing is adhered to at all times

  • Set up new opening and closing tasks in Deputy by role, so everyone can follow hygiene and any additional cleaning procedures 

Consider the new roles necessary to begin or ramp-up your delivery and take away services. 

New roles and responsibilities could include:

  • Order Manager - may be necessary during peak times to manage order collection with delivery staff (in house or delivery service) and confirm orders have been prepared.

  • Runner/ Supplies -  pack up, bag and seal orders using some form of a tape or sticker and run them to the delivery pick up area or take away table. Also restocks delivery supplies and other items as necessary.

  • Socials and Performance - manage your Socials and App rating systems and reviews. Field customer service calls and enquiries. Track food prep times to pick up/ delivery, missing items, perform quality checks to measure. Work to reduce delivery time where possible.

  • Chef(s) - continue to cook amazing food. Emphasis is on quality and timing for delivery/ take away.

Over Communicate

Clear communication can organise any team. Communication with staff during times of uncertainty empowers your team to make better decisions and better serve your customers. 

Use the News Feed to post ongoing communications like updates, daily health checks or videos to keep the team looped in.

Consider Changing Your Menu

If you are adding delivery services, your may consider simplifying your delivery menu as a way to focus your team and it may also provide operational and inventory or supply chain efficiencies. 

Review your menu and make selections which will work well for your kitchen to expedite in high volume times. It’s tough but, simplifying the menu could be helpful.

Ready-to-Eat and Pre-Packaged Meals
Conversely, some businesses are exploring ways to include new offerings which can help utilise employees and reduce food waste. Some are providing frozen meals, selling gift cards, merchandise and other local products. 

Some businesses are offering 'ready-to-eat', pre-packaged meals such as frozen meals. The Restaurant and Catering Australia Meal Information Fact Sheet is very helpful. 

When selling ‘ready-to-eat meals’, either fresh or frozen, you will need to adhere to the Food Standards ANZ and correctly label food items when preparing them for sale. Review packaging information in the R&CA Pre-Packaged Meal Information Fact Sheet.

Also consult the Food Standards Australia / New Zealand COVID-19 Information.

Offer GiftCards and Vouchers

Some businesses are choosing to sell gift vouchers and card for their business. You can sign up to post your business on services such as

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