We're all experiencing similar feelings about what's happening, but take away coffees and dishes from our local favourites - like your business, can help us feel  more comfortable and give us a sense of community. 

Consider these tips and ideas to help maintain customer confidence in enjoying their favourites from your business.

  • Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. Clearly marked delivery and take away areas along with your employees visibility adhering to designated social distancing is a good start.  Ensure your employees are following hand washing  and hygiene practices.

  • Clean surfaces including delivery and pick up tables, door handles, and any other surfaces. Ensure hand sanitizer is available at pick up stations.  

  • Ensure packaging is sealed and tamper proof, prior to placing at the delivery station to ensure nothing airborne comes into contact with the food.  

  • Check-in on staff health daily. Include a daily health check in Deputy News Feed for your team to complete before access to staff-only areas and the kitchen. 

  • Over Communicate.  Face-to-face customer engagement isn't an option right now, which means your packaging,  timeliness of your responses, your online presence, and how you address customer enquiries is pivotal in continuing to  build trust with your customers.

  • Use your Socials, signage and your online presence daily to tell you customers how to buy from you.

  • Tell customers how their food has been handled and tell them about your kitchen's high standards. Guide them to a web landing page giving more info.

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