Change the Layout of Your Cafe or Business

You may need to rethink the flow of how your staff physically move within the kitchen and front-of-house areas to accommodate the new order pick up and take away stations.  

Reconfigure your floor plan with distinct areas to meet social distancing and hygiene standards.

Staff at Kangashoo Shoes shop mark out the 1.5-metre social distancing spaces with tape. Photo Dr Tim Leeuwenburg. 1

  • Social Distancing. All  employees  and delivery staff and  remain 2 metres apart at all times. 

  • Contactless Pickup. Pickups by delivery service or customers collecting takeaway should be done with no physical contact.

  • Measure your current floor plan and determine the best setup to allow required staff. This may mean any delivery service staff or anyone picking may need to  stay outside. 

  • Clearly mark the waiting area and distance those picking up will need to wait, marked on the floor or ground with tape.

  • Runners leave clearly marked orders on a table or counter and then walk away to either call the delivery staff over to pick up or the individual picking up takeaway.

  • Limit personnel permitted to enter the designated kitchen and food storage areas

Example Floor Plan

  • Setup a handoff area for the  Chef to pass orders to the runner (include bell system to alert runner of an order)

  • Designate an area to pack orders for delivery or takeaway

  • Delivery pick up area with a dedicated table for contact-free delivery pick up which also should separate the staff-only are from the pick up  area

  • A waiting area for delivery or take away individuals picking up. If inside, this should be limited with clearly mark waiting spaces in tape to meet social distancing and ensure to keep them well away from food preparation areas 

  • An overflow waiting area (outside)as necessary with clearly stated instructions and waiting spaces in tape to meet social distancing.

TIP - if you use multiple delivery services, use one table per service, 2 meters apart, and clearly marked with order numbers visible.

Set Up Your Kitchen to Avoid Cross-Contamination

Optimize your kitchen and front-of-house layout for both high and low order volumes.

  • Measure  your kitchen floor plan to  calculate how many staff you can have working on each shift to meet  social distancing requirements

  • Use Smart Schedule in Deputy to build your schedule and calculate profitability

  • Optimize food prep, cooking and packaging area to streamline serving customers

  • Draw strict lines of where non-kitchen staff can be present

  • Map your staff’s physical walking steps  to create clear paths for staff to ensure social distancing and contact-free handoffs

  • Ensure you have a process to manage orders as they come in, through to delivery and consider reporting on performance and quality

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