Connect to Zenefits to seamlessly export employee timesheets for payroll using our direct API integration. In this article we will cover:

  • Connect Zenefits and Export Timesheets

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Connect Zenefits and Export Tmesheets


  • Zenefits account with Integrations Admin role

  • Deputy System Administrator or Location Manager 

  • A pay run in Zenefits in the 'Draft' status - read more on Zenefits

  • Ensure your Deputy pay period dates match your Zenefits pay run dates

Set up and export

Once you have approved timesheets, you can connect your Zenefits account for the first time and export the timesheet.

  1. Go to Timesheets > Export Timesheets

  2. Select the employees and pay period for you want to export timesheets for
    Note: You should check that Deputy export Pay Rate Export Codes match Zenefits Pay Type (Earnings) names

   3. A popup will appear asking you to select the payroll application. Find Zenefits by typing “Zenefits Payroll Export”
   4. Press the grey Sync with Zenefits button to log into your Zenefits account set up the connection
   5. After successfully connecting your Zenefits account, press Export

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does Deputy also send Sick Leave and Vacation when exporting timesheets to Zenefits?
Not at this time due to limitations on the Zenefits API.

What are the supported Zenefits Pay Types?
The Deputy integration supports the Earning pay type as long as the Deputy Pay Rate Export Code matches the Earning Name within Zenefits. These include up to but not limited to

  • Regular Earnings

  • Overtime Hours

  • Double Overtime Hours

  • Holiday

How do Deputy employees get matched in Zenefits?
The Zenefits integration matches the Deputy employee email address to the Zenefits People work email address.

Which pay rate will be used for the earnings in Zenefits?
Deputy will rely on the pay rate defined for the employee in your Zenefits account.

Can I run additional pay runs?
Yes. As long as your Zenefits Additional Pay Run dates match the dates of the timesheets you're exporting. Deputy's integration will allocate timesheets to the first pay run it finds the corresponding employee.

Can I connect a different Zenefits accounts in a different location or business?

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