For more information on setting up Leave in Deputy please first read Leave Management.

This article is written for users with an access level of Location Manager or System Administrator and will cover:

How do I set up leave rule accrual for my employees?

Leave accrual is handled in Deputy via a built-in extension, which is turned off by default. Extensions can be used to activate automatic leave balance deduction. This can apply for leave types that do not accrue, but which balances are still deducted as they are taken.

To set up a Deputy extension please read How to Create an Extension.

The extension you need to activate is called Approved Timesheet/Leave Request > Accrue And Deduct Leave Balance

When you click Activate you can configure the extension:

Here you will have to configure the following:

Leave Rule: Select the leave rule that is required to accrue for your employees. 

Accrue and Deduct Leave: You can set it to Accrue and Deduct leave or Deduct Leave only. Accruals occur when a timesheet is approved and deductions occur when an employee takes leave. Both only applies to employees that are entitled to that leave type in their profile. 

Leave Accrual Rate - This number represents how much leave is accrued per hour of work. As a simple example, if your rate is set to 0.1 then the employee will need to have 10 hours approved to accrue 1 hour of leave.

Accrue leave while on paid - Enabling this option will ensure that the employee accrues (at the accrual rate) for each day of paid leave taken.

As with all extensions, you can apply the setting to the Location you have selected or all Locations in your organisations.

Click Save when you are done and you have successfully set up a leave rule to accrue.

If you need to set up accruals for multiple leave types, you can activate another Accrue and Deduct Leave Balance extension and configure it in the same way for each leave type you need.

Once these extensions are activated, employee leave balances will update automatically with any new approvals of leave timesheets (to deduct leave balances) and work timesheets (to add accrued leave to leave balances).

Extensions will run to update leave balances once overnight, every night. You can also manually trigger the leave balances to be updated. You can do this with the "Run" button within the extension, to update balances for work/ leave timesheets that were approved in the last hour, week, 2 weeks or month.

I have another leave type that is not in Deputy. How can I create my own custom leave type?

You can either amend an existing leave type or create a new one by following How to Set up Leave Entitlements.

Click on the pencil icon to edit existing leave types or click New Leave Condition to add a new one.

When creating or amending an existing leave type it's important to configure the following:

Name - A meaningful name that describes the new leave type you are creating.

Paid Leave - Whether this leave type requires payment or is unpaid.

Type - What type of leave is it.

Visible to Employee - this setting determines whether your employees can see the leave or only managers.

Reset Leave Accrual - Here you can set whether this leave type resets. You can set it to never reset, reset on a work anniversary or custom date 

Reset Leave Accrual to - On reset of a leave balance, you can set whether it will reset at a certain amount or 0.

Export Rate to Payroll - set whether you want the leave to connect to your payroll system (if integrated) and set an export code to match the leave up in payroll.

Track Leave in - Hours or Days

Once you create a leave type, you have to assign it to an employee before they can accrue or request the leave.

How do  I assign a leave type to an employee?

Leave accruals and deduction only works for leave rules that are assigned to employees. Therefore it is important to ensure your employees have the leave rules that they are entitled to assigned to them.

You can assign the leave entitlements on the People page to a single employee or a group of them using a bulk action.

Is there a dashboard where I can view my employees' leave balance?

You can view and update Employee's Leave Balance in the Leave Management Dashboard

With this report you can:

  • Filter by location, leave type, who’s entitled

  • Sort alphabetically, by balances, by leave remaining

  • Approve leave with all the information you need in front of you

  • Export as a CSV report

Other ways you can view an employee's leave balance are as follows:

For a single employee, you can click on their name on the People page and view the Leave section of their profile.

For multiple employees you can also show leave balances on the People page by selecting Leave Balance option in the Display drop down menu.

I have employees that accrue leave at different accrual rates, is that possible to set up in Deputy?

Yes, it is definitely possible. You would need to set up multiple leave rules with different accrual rates for each rule, and manually assign each one to the employees as per the rules the business needs.

Let's look at a simple example:

Penelope is a junior who accrues paid time off (PTO) at a rate of 0.12h per hour worked. Harriet is a senior employee and accrues PTO at a rate of 0.14h per hour worked.

To set this up in Deputy:

1. Simply set up two leave entitlements from Business Settings > Leave > Leave Rules.

2. Next set up two accrual policies by activating two versions of  'Approved Timesheet/Leave Request' extensions.

Leave Accrual setup for PTO (Junior):

 Leave Accrual setup for PTO (Senior):

3. Finally assign these leave entitlements to the respective junior and senior employees.

The two employees will now accrue leave off at different rates as configured.

I have leave balances that reset every year, how can I set this up in Deputy?

Click the drop-down in the top right-hand corner and click Business settings.

Then select the 'Leave' tab and click Leave Rules.

From here, you will see a list of your current leave types.

Hit the pencil icon, to configure an existing leave type or create a new one.

When creating or amending an existing leave type to reset leave accrual you need to configure specific fields. In this example below, Community Service Leave is set to reset to 0 hours on December 31 regardless of whether it has been taken in the previous year.

Reset Leave Accrual - Here you can set whether this leave type resets. You can set it to:

  • Never reset

  • Reset on work anniversary

  • Custom date - you will need to specify this 

Reset Leave Accrual to - On reset of a leave balance, you can set whether it will reset at a certain amount or 0.

Can my employees view their leave balance?

If the System Administrator has given permission for employee's to view their leave balance in Business Settings > Leave tab then employee's will be able to see their leave balance.

Employees can view their own leave balance on our Deputy web application as well as the Deputy iOS and Android mobile apps.

On the Deputy Web application

Click on Profile in the right-hand menu:

Leave Balances are shown under Leave.

On the Deputy Mobile application

Viewing Leave Balances on the Deputy iOS and Android mobile apps on the Home tab. Tap on Leave then select the Balance section to view your leave balance details.

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