About Rippling 

Rippling is a cloud based software platform for businesses to manage their HR & IT — from payroll and benefits, to employee computers and apps — all in one, modern system. 

Rippling created and maintains the integration with Deputy. Any technical issues or questions should be directed to your Rippling account team or customer support team at support@rippling.com.

Integration Benefits

  • Admins can easily import hours from Deputy directly into Rippling payroll. 

  • Employees can securely log into their Deputy instance directly from Rippling without having to remember a username or password. 

  • Admins can ensure that the employees they designate have immediate access to Deputy on their first day. In reverse, admins can also be certain that offboarded employees will be immediately locked from Deputy access.

Rippling | Deputy Integration Functions

  • User & Role Provisioning - API based provisioning of new users from Rippling account into your Deputy. When an employer hires (or terminates) an employee, Rippling will add them to (or remove them from) the Deputy app and configure settings based on their role. 

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) - users can access the Deputy app in a single click via Rippling SSO (SAML)

  • Import of Hours for Payroll - Through an API based integration, admins can import hours from Deputy directly into Rippling Payroll. 

Integration Data Flow 

How do I connect my Rippling account to Deputy?

You will need to connect your Deputy account to Rippling inside of your Rippling account. Please follow the instructions in the Deputy - Rippling help guide.

What fields are pushed from Rippling during a user creation?

Rippling currently pushes the following attributes to Deputy during the user creation process.

  • Email

  • Name

  • Personal phone number

  • Start date

  • Date of birth

  • Emergency contact name

  • Emergency contact phone number

How often does Rippling sync employee information with Deputy?

Every 24 hours, unless a company admin, selects ‘Sync’.

How do I import time off hours from Deputy?

You’re able to configure this option during your Deputy installation process. If you select ‘Yes’ during this process, you will be asked to map your Deputy Time Off Categories with your Rippling Time Off Type. During this time, you are able to select the policies associated with your Rippling Time Off Type as well.

If you wish to modify this setting post the installation process, please go to ‘Settings’ from your Deputy Application page. From ‘Settings’, please select ‘Deputy Options’, which will allow you to modify your configuration for importing time off hours from Deputy.

Do accrual types auto create in Deputy?

No – accruals do not auto create in Deputy. Rippling manages accruals and balances.

What pay types are available for syncing from Rippling?

Ordinary, overtime, and PTO pay types are available for syncing in Rippling. For PTO, Rippling checks if the company is already using Rippling PTO to track an employee’s time off requests. If the company is already using Rippling PTO, Rippling treats Rippling PTO as the source of truth and will ignore PTO hours from Deputy.

Additionally, if Rippling detects pay rates in Deputy that are not regular, overtime, or doubletime, the system will automatically create a pay rate by that name in Rippling under the ‘Custom Pay Rates’ tab in the Payroll App’s settings. Overtime and Double Overtime variants of the custom rate will be created as well. If there is a custom or non-standard multiplier associated with the rate, that multiplier will be honored (e.g. 1.7x, 2.5x).

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Rippling's Single Sign-On (via SAML) is available for all Rippling & Deputy customers.

To enable, you must download the Deputy app in Rippling and then proceed to your Deputy account to enable SSO.

Navigate to your profile at the top right-hand side of the Deputy account screen. Select 'Business Settings' and then underneath 'General' select 'Single Sign-On settings.'

You will need to provide the following information from your Rippling account (as shown in the screenshot below) to the Deputy customer support team:

  • Identity Provider Login URL

  • Identity Provider Logout URL

  • Identity Provider Issuer

  • X.509 Certificate

  • SSO Required? (Yes/No)

  • Enable Just In Time Provisioning? (Yes/No)

  • If Yes, provide the following attribute mappings

  • First Name = Identity Provider Attribute

  • Last Name = Identity Provider Attribute

  • Location = Identity Provider Attribute

  • Access Level = Identity Provider Attribute

Pro tip: If you have issues setting up SSO, you can contact Deputy support via the 24/7 chat function in your account, or email experience@deputy.com.

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