If your payroll provider isn't supported by our integrations but you can upload timesheets, you can build your own payroll export file using these built-in tools in Deputy.

What we'll cover

Getting Started - Create a Custom Template

In order to create a custom export template.

Go to the Timesheets tab and select Export Timesheets. Choose the date range and select the timesheets you want to export, then click on the Export Selected Items button.

Click the “Can’t find your payroll?” link beneath the Select Payroll dropdown

A page will open allowing you to create a custom payroll export template.

These templates will be available for selection in the export dropdown after creation - you can easily identify which templates you have created by the (custom) tag appended to their name.

Configuring your Export File

In order to make your exported file understood by your payroll system, click on the Format Settings button to edit settings such as:

  • File type - choose the type of file that will be created after running a payroll export for your template.

  • Width - do you require your columns to be a fixed length? For each column, you will need to specify the column length, left or right justify and any padding characters. Delimiter selection will be hidden if this is selected. (note: Fixed width is only available for .txt and .dat file formats)

  • Encapsulation - text will be enclosed by double quotes when using delimiters to group data

  • Remove header columns - select this if your exporter doesn’t require the headers of each column

  • Delimiters - if you have selected .txt or .dat file type, you will need to choose the delimiter

Editing your columns

You can edit what columns get included in your exported file, how they are displayed, and which fields from Deputy are included. While editing a custom payroll template, you can

  • Create a custom column - Custom columns allow you to add a blank column to your payroll export for placeholder purposes. This is useful when your payroll system requires a column, but that specific data source doesn’t exist in Deputy.

  • Drag and reorder - Reorder the column titles to make sure they’re in the correct order. The tile at the top will be the first column in your export.

  • Add a column header name - If Deputy names a specific column something different than your payroll provider, you can match that name here. Otherwise, you can leave it blank and the headers will be the same as Deputy.

  • Choose the format modifier - we’ve provided a list of different formats for date & time. Other data sources will have options like numerical (decimal count) and text (upper case vs lower case).

  • Set up fixed width - With .txt files, you can specify the length of a column, choose left or right justification, character limit, and adjust the padding character to reach the required column length.

  • Add additional advanced fields, not included by default - such as total leave days.

Special data sources

Data source name


Export codes hours/units

If you need a column for hours worked per pay condition, expand this data source to find the export code you've set for a pay condition,

Custom column

This can be blank or you can fill the entire column with a static value.


What if I was using Custom Payroll Exporter (beta)?

If you had previously used the beta version of the Custom Payroll Exporter, you should still see it listed as an option while exporting. This will now simply export your existing custom payroll template. Any new templates will need to be created using the Custom Payroll Exporter flow listed above.

Can you select the same data source more than once?

Yes, if you need the same data in more than one column you can.

Does this tool support Shift Questions / Custom Timesheet Fields?

Yes, these fields are marked with a "Custom" prefix in the list of data sources.

Can I add a column with my own data that is repeated?

Yes, add a custom column from the right-hand side and tick “Fill all cells with a static value”

Can I have columns that get filled depending on other columns?

Unfortunately, Deputy does not support conditional columns with this tool.

Where can I find the export codes for a pay condition?

In Export Timesheets > Group by Pay Rate, you'll be able to see and set export codes for each pay condition.

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