The ADP WFN Leave Balance sync will pull employee leave balances from ADP and sync them into the corresponding employee's profile in your Deputy account. This will allow you to view employee leave balances inside of Deputy, so that you can approve leave requests without switching between systems. Employees will also be able to view their leave balances inside the Deputy app.

Getting Starting

Ensure your ADP account is connected to Deputy. For more information about connecting Deputy and ADP Workforce Now through the connector, check out our help guide here:

Configure your ADP Workforce Now Employee Sync and sync the data into your Deputy account:

Enable ADP to Deputy Leave Balance Sync

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting to third party systems.

Select 'ADP Run' or 'ADPWFN' then click Connect Add-on and select the Location you wish to Connect.

Now search for the 'New Worker > Sync to Deputy' under ADP WFN and select 'Activate'.

Here you can customize the details of the sync. 

Turn it on for all locations:

  • Yes/No toggle

When you are satisfied with your preferences, click Save.

Data Fields

The following fields will be mapped and the corresponding data will be pulled from ADP into your Deputy:

Employee Time-Off Balances (ADP Time Off Policy Name > Deputy Leave Balance Code):

  1. PTO in ADP > dp_annual leave in Deputy

  2. Personal in ADP > dp_annual_leave in Deputy

  3. Sick in ADP > dp_sick_leave in Deputy

  4. Vacation in ADP > dp_annual_leave in Deputy

  5. Jury Duty in ADP > dp_annual_leave in Deputy

Please Note: The sync only runs one direction, from ADP into Deputy. Any changes to the leave balance inside of Deputy will not be reflected in your ADP account. In order to send back approved leave hours from Deputy to ADP, you must export the approved leave hours using the ADP WFN Timesheet Export.

Data Sync Frequency

The Leave Balance Sync will check every 15 minutes for any employee leave balance updates coming from your ADP account. If any updates are found, the data will be synced into your Deputy account under each employee's profile.

View Employee Leave Balances

In the People tab, if you select the "Also Show" option and check the box for "Leave Balance" you will be able to see all employees' leave balances, which includes any balances synced from ADP or any other manually entered leave balances.

Employees can see their leave balances in their employee profile on the web or on their mobile devices.

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