The employee sync integration will pull employee data from your ADP WFN account and sync it into your Deputy account.

Getting Starting

Ensure your ADP account is connected to Deputy. For more information about connecting Deputy and ADP Workforce Now through the connector, check out our help guide here:

How to setup the Deputy + ADP Workforce Now Integration in your Deputy account

Enable ADP to Deputy Employee Sync

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting to third party systems.

Select 'ADP Run' or 'ADPWFN' then click Connect Add-on and select the Location you wish to Connect.

Now search for the 'New Worker > Sync to Deputy' under ADP WFN and select 'Activate'.

Here you can customize the details of the sync. 


Possible options

Select regular pay type

  • All Regular Pay Types

  • Only Hourly Employees

  • Only Salary Employees

  • Only Daily Employees

Pay frequency

  • All pay frequency types

  • Weekly

  • Biweekly

  • SemiMonthly

  • Monthly

  • Daily

  • Every 2.6 weeks

  • Every 4 Weeks

  • Every 5.2 weeks

Send email invites to newly created employees

  • On / Off

Turn it on for all locations

  • On / Off

Important Note: After you save the integration, you must click the "Run Now" button to initiate the first sync of employee data. If you do not click this button, the sync will not run on an ongoing basis.

Data Fields

The following fields will be pulled into your Deputy account from ADP:

     1. First Name
     2. Last Name
     3. Work Email
     4. Mobile
     5. Primary Address
     6. Birth Date
     7. Work Location
     8. Hire Date
     9. File Number
     10. AOID
     11. Pay Rate Type (Hour or Salary)
     12. Pay Rate Amount ($/hour or annual salary)

Data Sync Frequency

The Employee Sync will check every 15 minutes for any employee data updates coming from your ADP account. If any updates are found, the data will be synced into your Deputy account.

Please Note: While all other employee details dynamically update, Pay Type is unique, in that it is a one-time sync from ADP WFN to Deputy. Upon sync, an Employment Term is generated in Deputy based on the information found in ADP for the employee. After the Employment Term is generated, and the employee is using Deputy, ADP stops communicating employee pay details to Deputy. 

This means that, for example, if an employee who is already using Deputy gets a pay raise, and their pay is changed in ADP, this change will not be reflected in Deputy. Pay rates must be adjusted in both ADP, and the Employment Term in Deputy. 

Location assignment for Employees

Employees in Deputy will be assigned a location according to their assigned location in ADP.

In order for employees to be assigned to a location automatically:

  • Location names in both ADP and Deputy need to be exactly the same

  • Location names in ADP cannot be longer than 16 characters

  • The integration must be set up for each location in Deputy for employees to be automatically assigned to multiple locations

Other behaviours when assigning locations to employees in Deputy:

  • If the employee cannot be matched to a location in Deputy, the employee will be assigned to the location where the integration is set up

  • If the employee is assigned to a location in ADP that doesn't exist to Deputy, it will only be assigned once the location is created in Deputy.

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