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By default, all Deputy accounts begin with 4 basic roles. They have specific permissions that will be outlined in each chapter. With Deputy Enterprise, you can adjust the permissions for these roles, and make new roles with customized permissions and access.

4 default roles:

  • Employee

  • Supervisor

  • Location Manager

  • System Administrator

Permissions for default Roles

Employee Details

  1. View Employee Details

  2. Manage Employee Details

  3. Manage employee pay details

1. View Employee Details

Allow anyone with this role to access the People tab, and to view the details of any employee who works in any Location that this role manages.

Note: This permission only lets you view the employee details. It does not allow you to make any changes.

Where's the People tab?

Without this permission, the Deputy toolbar doesn't show the People tab.

With this permission turned on, the Deputy toolbar shows the People tab between Locations and Schedule.

2. Manage Employee Details

Similar to the previous permission, but includes edit access. This permission allows users with this role to view and edit the personal details of any employee who works in any Location they manage.

The people tab with the View Employee Details permission, but without the Manage Employee Details permission. There is no "Add People" button in the upper right, and the only option is to "View."

Below is the People tab with the Manage Employee Details permission. The "Add People" button is in the upper right, and "View" and "Options" are available.

With the "Options" button, you can edit, archive, or invite this person. You can edit any information in their profile, just like when you first entered them into Deputy. 

More on adding and editing employee profiles

3. Manage Employee Pay Details

Allow users with this role to view and/or manage the pay details for employees within the same workplaces and sub-workplaces relevant to their position within the management structure.

When editing an employee profile, the Pay Details tab is only visible if "Manage Employee Pay Details" is on. You will also see the Pay Details associated with each Location where they work in the General tab, as shown below. 

If "Manage Employee Pay Details" is off, the Employee Profile will look like this:

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