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By default, all Deputy accounts begin with 4 basic roles. They have specific permissions that will be outlined in each chapter. With Deputy Enterprise, you can adjust the permissions for these roles, and make new roles with customized permissions and access.

4 default roles:

  • Employee

  • Supervisor

  • Location Manager

  • System Administrator

Permissions for default Roles


  1. Roster Manager

  2. Can View Cost

  3. Can Roster All Departments

  4. Can Roster Non-Recommended Employees

  5. Can Add Shift or Edit Shift Times

1. Roster Manager

The Roster is the calendar display in the Schedule Tab. The Roster Manager permission allows anyone with this Role to manage employee schedules for the departments that they manage.

To determine what departments they manage:

  1. Go to the People tab

  2. Edit the Employee Profile

  3. Choose Manages

  4. Select the appropriate departments

  5. Save Employee

2. Can View Cost

This allows anyone with this role to view real-time costings of shifts in the Schedule Tab’s employee list. Below each employee name, you can see the cost of the hours they’re scheduled.

Note: This is based on the shifts as displayed on screen in the roster, which can be anywhere from a day to a month. You’ll want to be careful who you grant this permission, as it provides information regarding employee pay. Click here for more on Sales Data Integration and Cost.

3. Can Roster All Departments

Roles with this Permission can manage employee schedules for all departments within their workplaces and sub-workplaces. Workplaces are assigned to people by editing their employee profile. This can be done in one of two ways:

Choose "Edit" in the People Dashboard of the People tab, as shown below…

…Or in the People section of the Enterprise Tab, shown here.

Before moving on, ensure that the Location you wish this employee to manage appears in the “Location(s)” section of the General Tab. Once you have confirmed this, choose the Manages Tab. 

In the Manages tab, you can select the workplaces and sub-workplaces you wish this person to manage. Based on their Role’s Permissions, they then Can Roster All Departments that are selected.

As you create your employee schedule, Deputy will tell you if an employee is “Not Recommended” for a shift. It makes this recommendation based on 5 factors.

5 Factors of Recommendation:

  1.  Training

  2. Approved Leave

  3. Unavailability

  4. Stress Profiles

  5. Overlapping shifts

The "Can Roster Non-Recommended Employees" permission allows anyone with this Role to override these warnings when scheduling employees.

5. Can Add Shift or Edit Shift Times

When creating a schedule, adding shifts and adding employees can be separate steps performed by one person, or collaboratively between multiple people. This permission allows anyone with this role to add a blank shift or modify shift times.

Note: There must be at least one assigned shift in the roster to publish empty shifts. 

If this permission is disabled, anyone with this Role can add an employee to an existing shift, or remove an employee from a shift, but will not be able to add new shifts, or change the times of a shift. See below example.

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