This article is intended for managers and above. It describes how to identify when Tasks aren’t appearing, and how to resolve this issue using these steps:

  1. Check system settings and web browser

  2. Does the employee work at this location?

  3. Is the task assigned to the correct Employee?

  4. Is the Employee scheduled in the Area of the Task?

  5. Is the Task available after a time?

What to do when tasks aren’t appearing:

Check system settings and web browser first

With the exception of the Deputy Mobile app, Deputy runs in your web browser, and so can be subject to issues that are easily fixed without contacting support. 

Note: We officially support Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera running the latest versions from the past 6 months.

Check your browser by doing the following:

1. Refresh your page. Sometimes updates you make are sent to the cloud, but your browser hasn’t updated to reflect this change. Clicking refresh helps your browser show you the most up-to-date info in Deputy.

2. Test your internet connection. If Deputy seems to be underperforming, try another site and see if the problem continues. This can help to determine whether the issue is in Deputy’s control, or that of your internet provider.
3. Ensure your Chrome browser is up-to-date. Deputy runs best on Google Chrome, and will always be optimized for the current version.
4. Clear cache and cookies. This is a great step toward troubleshooting any website issue. Note that cookies stored on your browser by other sites will also be reset.

Individual Tasks

Does the Employee work at this Location? 

If this is an individual task, make sure that the employee has been added to the correct Location using the following steps:

  1. Click on the People tab.

2. Click Options.

3. Click Edit.

4. Look for the Location the task is associated under “Works at.” 

5. Click in the field to choose from a list of your Locations.


Is the task assigned to the correct Employee?

Individual Tasks can be assigned to any employee. If tasks aren’t appearing for an employee, check to make sure that the correct employee is assigned to the task by doing the following steps:

1. Click on the Tasks tab.

2. Look for Assigned Tasks. If you still don’t see the correct employee’s profile picture, click the words “Assigned Tasks.”

3. If the task is there, but is assigned to the wrong employee, you can delete the Task, and Add a new Task that is assigned to the right employee.

NOTE: Assigned Tasks can not be reassigned to another employee. You must delete the Task and create a new one.

Task Groups

NOTE: Task Groups are assigned to an Area, and so are only visible to workers in that Area, and Tasks between staff are not visible by managers, so they are private.

Unable to View Task Groups on Mobile

If you are an employee who is trying to view Task Groups in Deputy Mobile, you will need to be clocked in to work in the Area of the task group. This applies to users of all levels, from Employee, to System Admin. 

If you are a manager or above, and you want to view all Tasks and Group Tasks that are assigned to all Areas, this can be done in the Tasks tab, using Deputy on the web.

Is the Employee scheduled in the Area of the Task? 

If this Task is assigned to an Area, make sure the Employee has been scheduled and is clocked-in for a shift in that Area. The employee Time Sheet can always be used to verify or adjust the clock-in time, but you can also confirm that an Employee is clocked-in in the Me tab. Click on the people who are scheduled this day. If the employee shows a red dot on their photo, then they are not clocked in for the day, and will not see any assigned Tasks. 

Note: You can also reference the News Feed to see who’s clocked in.

Available After a time? 

If the Task is set to be available after a specific time, it will not appear before that time. If you’ve created a Task Group that repeats Daily, and it available after a time, but that time is before the current time of day when the Task was created, you may not see the Task Group until it's scheduled to repeat.

About Tasks

To learn the basics of Tasks, click here.

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