Approving LeaveĀ 

First, open up the Deputy iOS app and head to the Me tab, then tap "Leave Requests".

On the following page, tap the leave request you would like to approve/decline.

When opening a leave request, you will see the details of the leave request. This includes the leave type, and the employee's leave balance.

You can also see if the leave request impacts any scheduled shifts. If there are any shifts that overlap the leave request, they will be turned into Empty Shifts and you will need to re-schedule employees into those shifts. This only occurs on mobile. If approving/declining leave requests on web, you can select what happens to the shifts.

If all the details are correct, simply add a comment about the leave request, then tap "Approve" or "Decline" depending on the decision regarding the leave request.

For a leave request with multiple days, you will need to select the way you would like to apply leave, for each day of leave applied for. Under the "Leave days" tab, a warning will appear, informing you that you will need to select the days where leave applies before you can approve the leave request. To do this, tap "Leave days". If you have configured your leave to appear in hours, this label will appear as "Leave hours".

From here, you will be presented with a list of days that leave has been applied for.

To set how much leave applies, tap "Select type". A small selection box will appear, where you can select the leave hours required for that day. The options presented will be either "Standard hours", 'Scheduled hours" (only shown if the employee was scheduled to work that day), and "Non working day". For 1 day leave requests, this will be auto-selected for you as "Standard hours". Follow the steps above if you would like to change the way leave applies

"Standard hours" is calculated using your location's opening time plus the default length of a shift there, minus the length of the default break. If your location opens at 9am and the default shift is 8 hours with a default break of 30 minutes, the leave time will be given as 9am - 4:30pm, meaning that your employee will be paid for 7.5 hours.

When every day has a leave type applied, tap "Back".

Before approving the leave, please ensure that all of the times are correct. If the leave is in the past, approving it will generate timesheets for those days in the past. If the leave is in the future and is approved, the system will create timesheets as those days pass. Either way, you will need to manually edit each timesheet if you do not set the time correctly to start with.

You can approve or decline the leave as per normal by scrolling down, adding a comment and tapping "Approve" or "Decline".

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