With our integration with Wagepoint, you can do the following:

  • Import approved hours from Deputy into Wagepoint

  • Sync up hours by pay period

The following will show you how to connect your Wagepoint account to Deputy.

Connecting to Wagepoint

First, log into your Wagepoint account, then click the drop-down menu next to your avatar and select 'Add-ons'.

Select Deputy and click 'Get this app'.

Click the 'Log in' button. You will be prompted to log into Deputy. Enter your Deputy credentials here. This will authorize Wagepoint to import hours.

Once this is done, the integration will automatically be enabled.

Importing Hours from Deputy into Wagepoint

When processing payroll for hourly employees in Wagepoint, a button labelled "Import Deputy hours" will appear. Click this.

The total approved hours for the selected pay period will be imported from Deputy for all employees who have an account in both apps.

Regular hours will be displayed as a function of time (hours worked) in the "OT Hours" column in Wagepoint.

Double overtime will be displayed as a function of money (hours worked x hourly rate x 2) in the "Double Overtime" column in Wagepoint.

If an income code has not been set up at the company level in Wagepoint, but has been used in Deputy, this income type will be automatically created through this integration.

Click "Save/Next" after you confirm the hours are accurate.

Setup Employee Accounts

Employees who have an active account in Deputy bare are not setup in Wagepoint will be listed on the page.

Click "Add in Wagepoint" to create an employee record in Wagepoint.

Login to Deputy to setup employees who are not active in Deputy.

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