Note: This article details troubleshooting steps that can only be performed by a Location Manager or System Admin in Deputy.

When you believe time punches are inaccurate in Deputy from the Deputy Kiosk please follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve:

  • Verify Apple Device has power and an active stable internet connection for sync to occur. Deputy will be submitting data including any Photo Verification image data, sometimes this process can be interrupted by an unstable internet connection.

  • Verify all updates are completed for the Apple iOS device and Deputy Kiosk App version

  • Verify Apple Device has correct date and time with the appropriate timezone for your deployment

  • Check the timezone location settings within Deputy and make sure it is the same as the deployed Apple device running Deputy Kiosk

  • You may see inaccuracy if Deputy facilitated an auto clock out of the shiftIf sync occurs post auto clock out event but before time approval, Deputy will overwrite to display correct Deputy Kiosk time.

  • Delete and reinstall Deputy Kiosk App

  • If you continue to experience potential data inaccuracies we recommend, connecting with Deputy’s 24/7 chat support to document these issues.

  • If you have been advised by Deputy Support to restore the device, you can follow instructions here: 

  • iPad

  • iPod Touch

  • iPhone

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