People are the heart of your organization. In Deputy, people can be added, updated or archived as your organization grows and changes. This can be done in the Enterprise tab. This is a guide to the People tab in the Employee Setup section of the Enterprise tab.

For more information on adding, updating, or archiving people, read our People FAQ.

Note: Your ability to view and edit people in Deputy is controlled by your Access Level, and is limited to who you manage. If you feel your access level is incorrect, or are unable to view the details of those who you manage, consult your Organization's System Administrator.

Getting Started

In the Enterprise tab, choose People.

Viewing and Editing an existing Employee Profile

“View” (magnifying glass) allows you to see the details of this employee.

"Edit" (pencil and pad) allows you to immediately edit an employee profile.

Viewing an Employee profile

In View, you can do the following:

  • Edit Employee details

  • Add a Journal entry

  • Assign a Task

  • Archive an Employee (under Actions)

If you need to view all employees, you can click Employee list.

Creating a New Employee

When creating a new employee the following are required:

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Work location

  • Access level

You can also add additional employee details

  • Additional work locations

  • Stress profiles

  • Preferred areas

  • Trainings

  • Managed areas

  • Pay details

  • Swipe card access (if applicable)

We'll cover these in further detail in this article.

Note: If you create a new employee with an email address, Deputy will automatically invite the employee upon saving your changes.

Click "New Employee"


In the General tab, you will provide the full name and email address (required). Adding a mobile number is optional.

Access Level/Permissions will determine the access level of the employee in your Deputy account. This controls what the employee can see and do in Deputy.

Finally, you will see the option to add a work location and pay details. This allows this person to be scheduled at, and paid from, this location. Pay details can be Location specific, as long as the pay details are found in the Employment term of the employee working the Location.


In the Profile tab, you can add additional Employee details.

Adding a Date of Birth can help you celebrate employee birthdays, or when an employee is eligible to work in an age restricted department.

Hired date can help managers track tenure, work anniversaries, and other yearly milestones.


In the Applications Tab, you can select:

  • Stress Profile

  • Preferred Areas

  • Time Sheet Appraisal.

Stress Profile

Stress Profiles are guidelines for scheduling that help prevent over scheduling an employee based on applicable labor laws. More information on stress profiles.


Deputy uses preferred areas when auto scheduling employees to ensure the best employee is working in the right place. 

Note: You can also set Preferred by starting with the Area in the Schedule Tab, and adding people to it, using the method detailed here, and is ideal if you need to add multiple people as preferred to one Area.

Time Sheet Approval (Appraisal)

If Time Sheet Appraisal is on, a 1-5 star rating appears on the timesheet to offer feedback on the employee's performance during their shift.

Appraisal during Time Sheet Approval

The 3 Second Appraisal appears at the bottom of the Time Sheet when approving time. Each star can be selected based on the competency found beneath. This maintains a consistent rating method based on a set of competencies, instead of a "gut feeling."


In the Training tab, you have the option of adding a training module to an employee. To ensure that you have the best people on during your shift, training modules and requirements can help sort employees based on your business needs. 

More on Training

How to filter employees based on Trainings

Adding Trainings in Premium


In the Manages tab, you can select the area(s) that this employee manages. Permission permitting, this will allow the employee to schedule and approve time sheets for any worker who works in the selected areas.

Pay Details

In the Pay Details tab, you can add an employee's Payroll ID, Pay Center and Employment Terms.

Note: Employees without pay details can still be rostered and their time approved but their timesheets cannot be exported.


In the Custom tab, you can add swipe card access information if applicable.

You will also be able to view Employee Custom Fields. Employee Custom Fields come in handy when there is a need to document information that may not be present in Deputy. Some use cases can be legal names, an employee point system, or noting employee's with knowledge of other languages.

Save Employee

When you’re finished creating an employee, you can save your work or get started adding another employee by choosing Save Employee & Next.

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