For the matter of location accuracy, the Deputy platform presents the location data as provided by the client device, normally the end user's mobile phone. The Geo feature is a result of a number of factors, including but not limited to, the following: 

  • specific hardware device utilizing the Deputy app
  • connection to a carrier data network
  • assigned IP addresses
  • locally mapped Wi-Fi locations
  • radio interference

These factors directly affect the accuracy of the location data being provided to the Deputy Platform by the mobile device.

We, as Deputy, cannot confirm functionality or accuracy of the above factors contributing to the data provided. The location position shown in Deputy, based on these factors, is meant to serve as a record of approximate location at time of punch, and should not be used as evidence of the exact location of the device. 

In regards to privacy, the data provided to us is only shown to users with the proper access levels to view and approve timesheets within the Deputy platform.

We hope this helps you understand the location pin representation of data visible within Deputy.

For information on how Location Capture works, read our Location Capture - FAQ.

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