If you are currently using Talenox for employee leave, this guide will show you how to sync it to Deputy.

Getting Started

Please ensure that you have connected your Talenox account to Deputy. Follow the guide found here if you have not already done this.

Pushing Leave from Talenox to Deputy

Once you have connected your Talenox account to Deputy and your employee profiles have been synced, the Leave sync is already live.

As leave is applied in Talenox, this will be be displayed in Deputy under the employee view in the Schedule tab.

Please note that both pending leave applications and approved leave applications will still appear as leave in Deputy.

Clicking the leave in Deputy will open up the leave application. If the leave application is approved in Talenox, it will appear in green with the "Approved" status in Deputy.

If the leave application in Talenox is pending, it will only have the leave dates approved, and the leave will need to be approved.

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