This help guide walks employees through how to get the most out of utilizing the Deputy Mobile app, which is available for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store). 

This guide will cover how employees receive schedules electronically, trade & offer shifts directly with co-workers, see paid-time off balances & request time-off (if applicable), review time cards, and communicate with team members, managers, and supervisors.

Getting Started

Setting up Deputy Mobile

To get the most out of this guide, the team member should have already done the following:

  • Received your invitation to Deputy

  • Followed the link in the email to activate your account

  • Downloaded the Deputy Mobile App

If you haven't received an invitation to join Deputy, please contact your System Administrator or your manager for help. 

Example of Email Invitation


The Deputy Mobile experience is very similar no matter what platform you choose, Android or iOS!



Let's do a quick tour of the Deputy Mobile dock! Regardless of your role in Deputy, everyone has the same dock. 

Below are images of the standard mobile dock on iOS and Android. 

iOS Dock

Android Dock


The Tabs of the Dock

Me Tab

Start your day with Deputy from the Me Tab. From the "Me" Tab you can.

  • Start a shift, End a shift or view future shifts

  • Trade & offer shifts directly with your co-workers

  • See paid-time off balances & request time-off (if applicable)

  • Edit your profile details i.e (photo, email, mobile or change your kiosk pin) 


The "Tasks" Tab allows you to set tasks for yourself or view Assigned Tasks.

Tasks ensure that action items in the workplace are complete and that team members are held accountable for incomplete tasks.


Based on your access level, the "Schedule" Tab can give you a summary of your upcoming shifts across any of the locations you may work within, and the ability to add or update your timesheet (if applicable).


The "People" tab (based on your access) will allow you to view basic information for all team members within your given location. 

News Feed

The News Feed tab is the central communications hub, where you can create and read News Feed posts from your location, team or to individuals. You can use the News Feed to upload files such as PDFs and photos.

Now you are on your way to mastering Deputy! Let's Dive Deeper into the Deputy Mobile App and learn more about it's most important features.

Going Further in the Deputy Mobile App

Below is the standard Me Tab visible on (iOS and Android) to all users regardless of access levels. View below each animated walkthrough and summary of each key feature.

End Shift

Tapping on End Shift allows you to:

- Add or view any relevant breaks taken during your shift.

- Review the total time worked during your shift.

- Leave a comment for your managers or supervisors about your shift.

- Answer Attestation questions (required by law)

Upcoming Shifts

Tapping on Upcoming Shifts allows you to:

- View and share any relevant shifts you have been scheduled.

- Can't work a shift? Tap can't work and Swap or Offer up your shift (if applicable).

Available Shifts

Tapping on Available Shifts allows you to:

- Claim Open shifts (if applicable).

Open shifts are 'up-for-grabs', which allows team members to choose shifts that they can work.


Tapping on Timesheets  allows you to:

- Add a new ad-hoc timesheet (if applicable)

- Update your current timesheets. (if applicable) (i.e update your area of work, break times, project tasks, and leave an update with a comment.)  


Tapping on Leave allows you to:

- Apply for Leave

- Check your Leave Balance

Applying for leave is a formal request for time off from work, and must be approved by a manager. 


Tapping on Unavailability allows you to:

- Add days you are unavailable to work.

Tapping on "Unavailability" will result in a box being shown where you can add details of the days you are unable to work.

After submission, you should be able to see your unavailability summary in the preview.

NOTE: Marking yourself as unavailable will not mean that you are exempt from being scheduled on these days but tells your employer that you have marked yourself unavailable so they can select available people first. This is why unavailability doesn't require manager's approval for submission.

Edit Profile

Tapping on Edit Profile allows you to:

  • Upload your profile photo from your camera roll or take a new photo (note: this photo is used for facial recognition if your company is utilizing Deputy Kiosk or Android Time Clock, and should show your unobstructed face)

  • Add your preferred name, this can be your first name, a nickname or however you’d like to be known in Deputy

  • Update your birth date, email address, or mobile number

  • Change your Kiosk pin (if applicable). Kiosk pins are used to verify your identity when clocking in and out through Deputy Kiosk or Time Clock apps.

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