What is Deputy's Flexi product?

Deputy Flexi is an option for seasonal businesses and offers the exact same features as Deputy Premium. Flexi is priced on an active user and inactive user per week basis. Formore information on Flexi pricing please see our pricing page: https://www.deputy.com/pricing


What is the definition of an 'active user' or ‘inactive user’ for the Flexi plan?

A user is ‘active’ when:
A shift has been published for the user; or
A timesheet has been submitted by the user; or
The user has had a timesheet approved; or
The user has performed management functions such as creating a schedule, approving timesheets or leave, exporting payroll information, managing tasks, creating journal entries or reviewing reports.

If the user has not met at least one of the above criteria in a given week, they are considered inactive. Users only accessing the News feed section, adding people, adding locations, or running reports are considered inactive.

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