Connecting to Xero allows you to automatically sync employees who have been added through the Onboarding function between Xero and Deputy.

This feature is only for businesses located in Australia.

Before You Begin

First, you will need to connect your Deputy account to your Xero account. To learn how to do this, check out our Quick Reads Guide to Connecting to Xero.

Syncing Employees to Xero

First, head to the People tab and ‘View’ the employee you would like to sync.

Then head to the ‘HR Forms’ tab of the employee profile. If the connection between Xero and Deputy was successful, a new section will appear labeled, ‘Sync your employee details to Xero’. Click the ‘Sync to Payroll’ button to sync the onboarding details to Xero.

If the sync is successful, you will notice the button will be marked as ‘Synced’ along with a date and timestamp.

Viewing the Employee in Xero

Log into your Xero account and at the top under ‘Payroll’, click ‘Employees’.

Click an employee to see their details. The details match as displayed below:

  • Personal Details (Deputy) - Details (Xero)
  • Superannuation (Deputy) - Employment (Xero)
  • TFN Declaration (Deputy) - Taxes (Xero)
  • Bank Details (Deputy) - Bank Accounts (Xero)
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