Leave Management is available to select customers in the UK only with plans to roll out to all accounts in future.

What is the difference between leave balance and leave remaining?

Leave balance is the total balance of leave that is left after leave has been taken. This would be the amount that is owed to the employee should they decide to end their employment tomorrow.

Leave remaining is the indicative balance of leave that is left allowing for leave that has been taken as well as future leave that has been requested and approved, but is yet to have been taken.

Who can see the Leave Management dashboard?

Only a location manager or above will be able to see the Leave Management dashboard.

Can my employees view their leave balances?

Employees are able to see their approved leave requests, and their leave balance. Note that their leave balance is only updated once a leave timesheet has been submitted (i.e. not the same as leave remaining in the report).

Can I create my own leave types?

Yes, custom leave types can be created in the Business settings and activated in the notifications and integrations tab.

Can we set standard hours per day for employees?

You will be able to edit the standard hours per day for your employees on a Premium account - see instructions in Leave Management Beta help page

If you're outside the UK/EU, you won't be able to edit the standard hours per day for your employees on a Premium account. You can reach out to the support team to find out how we may be able to help you.

Can I keep track of leave in hours?

Yes, you can track employee leave in hours or days (but note that these can not be converted from one to the other).

What is the leave accrual rate?

The Leave Accrual Rate controls the speed with which leave accrues, for each hour of work approved on a timesheet for the employee. As an example, if your rate is set to 0.1, the employee will need to have 10 hours approved to accrue 1 hour of leave (if the leave type is in hours).

Can I set up my leave to accrue per hour?

Yes, leave types can be set up to accrue and deduct, or just deduct.

How many leave accrual extensions can I create?

You can activate a leave accrual extension for each leave type you create.

How and when does the accrual extension update leave balances?

Once you've activated accrual extensions for each leave type that requires accrual and/or deduction of leave balances, employee leave balances will update with any new approvals of leave timesheets (to deduct leave balances) and work timesheets (to add accrued leave to leave balances).

Extensions will run to update leave balances once overnight, every night. You can also manually trigger the leave balances to be updated. You can do this with the "Run" button in the extension, to update balances for work/ leave timesheets that were approved in the last hour, week, 2 weeks or a month.

Can I keep track of leave in days?

Yes, you can track employee leave in hours or days (but note that these can not be converted from one to the other).

Can my employees request leave in hours and days?

Employees can request leave in days or hours. A day of leave will allow for the default standard hours per day in premium. Hours will allow the employee to custom select how many hours they are taking in a 24 hour period.

Will leave balances on mobile update after a leave request is approved?

For the moment, leave balances on mobile will only reflect leave allocations minus any leave that's already been taken, it won't reflect approved leave requests in future. We may look to change this in future.

Can I export a Leave Management BETA report?

You can now export the Leave Management report to a CSV file.

Can I set up a leave type to reset at the end of a year?

Yes, you can do this in Leave Settings, click Reset on Schedule dropdown, and select how you'd like it to reset.

I have an active Xero integration - how will Deputy’s Leave Management feature work for my business?

Leave Management with Deputy provides a great way to track and manage all of your team’s leave in the same, central dashboard.

With an active Xero integration, we strongly recommend that you don’t enable the leave balance sync (Import Leave Balance > Sync Leave Balance in the Notifications and Integrations tab), as this will affect the accuracy of balances that appear for your employees in their Deputy accounts.

You will still be able to export leave timesheets, and regular timesheets to Deputy as usual, and the leave balances will be updated in Xero as well as Deputy.

How can I find out the accrual rate I need to set for my employees’ leave entitlements?

Please refer to the HMRC website for the correct rate that you need to set for your leave type.

Why aren't the leave entitlements I have allocated appearing for my employee?

When you're setting up leave for your business, make sure you have set up pay rates for each employee (including a pay rate amount if they are not a salary worker) for any leave entitlements to be enabled for the employee.

To allow the leave type to be visible to the employee, make sure you have set the leave type to be "Visible" in the Leave Settings.

Currently, when employees are applying for leave, they should be able to see all leave types that are set as "Visible" in the Leave Settings (can access this via the Leave Management dashboard or via Business Settings). Note that this currently doesn't filter out for leave types that the employee is not entitled to.

Currently, when employees are viewing leave balance on mobile (will only be visible if enabled in Business Settings > Leave tab), they will be able to see leave balances for leave types that they are entitled to if those leave types are marked as "Visible" to employees in the Leave Settings, and if there is a balance entered for those leave types.

How can I provide feedback?

If there’s any features that you think may make Deputy better for you, click the ‘Feature Suggestions’ link. This will redirect you the the Deputy Aha page, where you can enter your suggestions or feedback. These are forwarded directed to the relevant Deputy team who can explore your suggestions further

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