If you have an Area in Deputy with a physical address that is different than it’s parent Location, you can add a specific geo-location for that area. We call this Areas with Geo. This feature is useful if you need your team to clock in at an event, worksite, or any other remote work location that is different than the main location of your business.

Creating and Setting Up Areas with Geo

To add a geo-location address to an area, navigate to the Enterprise tab, then select "Areas of Work".

If adding an address to an existing Area in your Deputy account, search for the Area name, and then edit the Area using the pencil icon. If creating a new Area, select the "Add New Area" button and fill out the required information.

From the address tab, turn on “Use as default shift address,” to make this area, and all of its shifts, associated with its own address, instead of the address of its main Location. You can then edit the address fields as required, or shift the pin on the map to update the address automatically.

To add more detail to the address, you can also fill out the "street 2" field manually.

For example, if you were creating an area for a specific gate within a stadium, you could shift the pin to where the gate was located on the map, then add the gate number in the "street 2" field. You could also add instructions for how to find this specific gate into the notes field.

Viewing Areas with Geo (Mobile)

In the Deputy app your team can view their schedule and clock in and out for their shifts. When an employee is scheduled in an Area with its own address, your employees will see where it is on a map, and can even get directions. Deputy can even notify you if they clock in or out too far away from this Area.

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