This article is written for users with an access level of Location Manager or System Administrator and will cover four steps to setting up Leave in Deputy:

  1. How to Set up Leave Entitlements

  2. How to Set up Leave Accruals

  3. How to Assign Leave Entitlements to Team Members

  4. How to Add Leave Balances to Team Members

as well as introducing:

For a video step through of the topics covered in this article be sure to check out our Leave Management Training Webinar.

1. How to Set up Leave Entitlements

Deputy is already set up with 10 leave entitlements by default:

  • Annual Leave (Vacation)

  • Bereavement (Compassionate)

  • Community Service Leave

  • Long Service Leave

  • Other Paid Leave

  • Sick (Personal/Carer's) Leave

  • Time Off In Lieu

  • Unpaid Leave - Leave

  • Unpaid Leave - No Show

  • Unpaid Leave - Sick

You may add to or edit these leave entitlements to suit your business.

To do this, simply click the drop-down in the top right-hand corner and click Business settings.

Then select the 'Leave' tab and click Leave Rules.

From here, you will see a list of your current leave types. Click New Leave Condition to add a new leave entitlement:

From here, you can edit the details of the leave entitlement, including:

  • The name of leave

  • The type of leave

  • Whether the leave entitlement is paid or not

  • Whether the leave entitlement should be visible to team members (i.e. when they apply for leave or see balances on the Deputy smartphone apps)

  • If the leave balances for this leave entitlement should reset and if so, to what value (e.g. if you wanted to, you could use this option to reset leave balances at a regular period like the calendar year)

  • If you choose to export the leave entitlement to Payroll you can switch it on here and enter the export code for your Payroll system.

  • Whether you would like the leave entitlement to track in 'Hours' or 'Days'.

    Note: You will need to make sure you choose carefully as team members leave balances will not be automatically converted or carried over if you switch between these options.

When you are done, click Save this Leave Condition. We advise you to refresh your browser after doing this to see the addition/changes across Deputy.

2. How to Set up Leave Accruals

Leave is not automatically accrued in Deputy by default. However, you may turn on Leave Accrual by activating a Deputy Extension.

Firstly, (for Premium customers) click on the drop-down profile menu on the top right-hand side of the screen and select Integrations.

Then select the Deputy Extensions module from the Integrations available.

Select the Location you wish to configure the Extensions for and click on Configure.

From here you will be presented with a list of available Deputy extensions and you can find the one you need by typing in the name of the extension.

Click Activate to open the extension.

The "Accrue and Deduct Leave Balance" extension can be used to activate automatic leave balance deduction. This can apply for leave entitlements that do not accrue, but which balances are still deducted as they are taken.

To learn more about setting up the Accrue and Deduct Leave Balance in Deputy please read Accruing Leave in Deputy

3. How to Assign Leave Entitlements to Team Members

You need to assign leave entitlements to the relevant team members (individually or in bulk) to allow them to use that particular leave entitlement. This is also required to allow the team member to accrue/deduct leave balance in Deputy.

Please note: team members need to have at least one pay rate amount set up in their profile for any leave entitlements to be activated for them. Hourly workers will need to have a value entered in their rate of pay for leave entitlements to work. Salary workers do not require their salaries to be added to their profile.

Adding Leave Types to Individuals

To add a leave entitlement to a team member, simply go to the People page, and click on the name of the team member you would like to modify. Select Employment from the left-hand menu then click on Edit.

Under Leave Entitlements you can click Add Leave Entitlements to assign the leave entitlement to this team member's profile.

Select a leave entitlement to apply and don't forget to click Save before you close the window.

If there are multiple leave entitlements with the same export code, a warning message will appear in red suggesting there may be duplicate leave entitlements for this team member. If this occurs, please review the leave entitlements to check that they are all appropriate for the individual.

For team members with a leave entitlement that is tracking in days, you must also specify a Standard Hours value for them - this is the number of hours payable per day of leave.

For example, if you have a team member with a leave entitlement in days who typically works 8 hours of paid work per day, you can set up a “Standard Hours” for them in their profile. This will then ensure that for each new leave request they submit, a ‘day’ of leave will show as 8 hours payable.

Adding Leave Entitlements to Multiple Team Members in a Bulk Action

To assign leave entitlements to multiple team members at once, go the People page and click the checkboxes next to the team members you would like to add a particular leave entitlement to.

Now click Bulk actions at the top, and select Add leave entitlement.

In the box that appears, select the leave entitlement you would like to apply to the team members from the dropdown list and click Add.

4. How to Add Leave Balances

Leave Balances allows you to maintain and monitor the amount of leave your team members have. There are three ways to edit leave balance in Deputy:

Leave Management Dashboard

The Leave Management dashboard allows you to manage and view leave in one central place. You can find this in the Reports tab.

To edit a team member's leave, first set a filter based on the leave entitlement you would like to modify.

Scroll until you find the team member you would like to edit. Click Edit next to their name.

You will notice that the value under 'Leave Balance' is now able to be edited. Type the new value in here, then click the tick icon when you're done, or click the cross icon to cancel any changes.

Please note that you can only edit team member leave balance if they have that leave entitlement enabled in their profile.

Employee Profile (Individual)

To edit an individual team member's leave balance, go to the People tab, then click on the name of the team member you would like to modify.

Select Leave from the left-hand menu and click Edit.

From here, you can change the values, represented in days or hours, depending on how the leave type was configured. When you are done making changes, click Save.

As noted previously, you will need to assign leave entitlements to the team member before you can edit the balances.

Bulk Actions Menu in People

You may need to edit a number of team member leave balance values in one go. To do this, go to the People tab and click the checkboxes for the team members you would like to edit.

Now click the Bulk Actions dropdown list and select Set Leave Balance.

In the box that appears, select the Leave Entitlement you would like to edit, then enter the new value in the text box. Once you are satisfied with the changes, click Save.

Note: This will only update for team members if they have been assigned that particular leave type. If a selected team member does not have this in their account, this will not edit or change any values for that team member.

Managing Leave Day to Day

Once you have set up leave for your team members, you are ready to manage leave tasks in the day to day running of your organisation. Check out the following articles for help with these common tasks related to leave:

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For more information be sure to check out our Leave Management Training Webinar or contact our 24/7 support for assistance.

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