Please note that this Dashboard is only available for select customers located in the UK. This is a phased release, and will be available to all customers in the future.

The Leave Management Dashboard (BETA) displays a snapshot of leave and allows you to action modifications to leave balance and accrual. 

To access the Leave Management Dashboard (BETA), head to the Reports tab, navigate to the 'Leave Management (BETA)' section and click 'View Full Report'.

Monitor Leave Remaining

You can see leave accruals in this dashboard. It is divided into 3 sections:

  • Leave Balance: The employee's current leave balance

  • Approved Leave: The total amount of leave as approved in the future. This applies only for future leave requests and not leave which has already been taken.

  • Leave Remaining: How much leave the employee has, minus their approved leave (Leave Balance minus Approved Leave)

You can filter to view leave remaining for employees with a certain leave type, and filter further by whether they are entitled to that leave entitlement, not entitled or both.

You can also click on the headers of the columns to sort highest to lowest and vice versa

Edit Employee Leave Balance

To edit an employee's leave, first set a filter based on the leave type you would like to modify.

Scroll until you find the employee you would like to edit. Click 'Edit' next to their name.

You will notice that the value under 'Leave Balance' is now able to be edited. Type the new value in here, then click the tick icon when you're done, or click the cross icon to cancel any changes.

View Leave Requests

Leave requests will appear in the report on the right side of the screen.

Clicking the employee name will open up their profile, however, clicking the leave date range will open up the request, allowing you approve or decline the request.

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