Leave Balances allows you to maintain and monitor the amount of leave your employees have. This guide walks you through how to change the amount of leave the employee has in Deputy.

There are three ways to edit leave balance:

  • Leave Management Dashboard

  • Employee Profile (Individual)

  • Bulk Actions

Via Leave Management Dashboard

The Leave Management dashboard allows you to manage and view leave in one central place. You can find this in the Reports tab.

To edit an employee's leave, first set a filter based on the leave type you would like to modify.

Scroll until you find the employee you would like to edit. Click 'Edit' next to their name.

You will notice that the value under 'Leave Balance' is now able to be edited. Type the new value in here, then click the tick icon when you're done, or click the cross icon to cancel any changes.

Please note that you can only edit employee leave balance if they have the leave entitlement enabled in their profile. To learn how to do this, click here.

Employee Profile

To edit an individual employee's leave balance, head to the People tab, then click 'View' on the employee you would like to modify.

Head to the 'Leave' tab, and click 'Edit Balances'.

From here, you can change the values, represented in days or hours, depending on how the leave type was configured. When you are done making changes, click 'Save'.

As noted above, you will need to assign leave entitlements to the employee before you can edit it. To learn how to do this, click here.

Bulk Actions (Multiple Employees)

You may need to edit a number of employee leave balance values in one go. To do this, head to the People tab and click the checkboxes for the employees you would like to edit.

Now click the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown list and select 'Set Leave Balance'.

In the box that appears, select the Leave Type you would like to edit, then enter the new value in the text box. Once you are satisfied with the changes, click 'Save'.

Note: This will only update for employees if they have been assigned that particular leave type. If a selected employee does not have this in their account, this will not edit or change any values for that employee.

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