Assigning leave types to employees allows them to use that particular leave type, and also sets the employee up to accrue/deduct leave balance automatically in Deputy.

Please note that the assigning leave entitlements feature is only available for select customers located in the UK. This is a phased release, and will be available to all customers in the future.

Before You Begin 

Please note, employees need to have pay rates set up in their account before you can assign leave types to them. Hourly workers will need to have a value entered in their rate of pay for leave entitlements to work. Salary workers do not require their salaries be added to their account.

Assigning Leave Types to Employees (Individual)

To add a leave type to an employee, simply head to the People page, and click 'Edit' on the employee you would like to modify.

From here, head to the 'Pay Rates' tab, then scroll down until you get to the 'Leave Entitlements' section.

If there are multiple leave types with the same export code, a warning message will appear in red suggesting there may be duplicate leave types for this employee. If this occurs, please review the leave entitlements to check that they are all appropriate for the individual. 

Assigning Leave Types to Employees (Bulk)

To assign Leave Types to multiple employees, head to the People page and click the checkboxes next to the employees you would like to add a particular Leave Type to.

Now click 'Bulk Actions' at the top, and select 'Add Leave Type'.

In the box that appears, select the Leave Type you would like to apply to the employees from the dropdown list and click 'Save' when you are done.

By adding a leave type to an employee this way, they may then begin to accrue or deduct leave for the type that you have selected. If you need to set a specific balance for an employee, you may do so as shown here. 

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