Setting Up Leave Accrual (Extension)

Leave accrual is handled in Deputy via a built-in extension, which is turned off by default. Extensions can be used to activate automatic leave balance deduction. This can apply for leave types that do not accrue, but which balances are still deducted as they are taken. To turn it on and to begin automatic leave accrual, head to the Locations tab and click 'Edit Settings' on the location you would like to set up Leave Accrual for.

Click 'Notifications and Integrations', select 'Extensions' as marked by the Deputy icon, then click 'Continue'.

Navigate down the list until you see 'Approved Timesheet/Leave Request > Accrue and Deduct Leave Balance'. Click 'Activate'.

Here you can configure Leave Accrual to your liking. You can edit which specific Leave Rule you would like to accrue/deduct. The following allows you to select whether you would like to accrue and deduct leave, or simply deduct leave only. Next, select the Leave Accrual Rate. The Leave Accrual Rate controls the speed with which leave accrues, for each hour of work approved on a timesheet for the employee. As an example, if your rate is set to 0.1, the employee will need to have 10 hours approved to accrue 1 hour of leave.  Finally, use the toggle to confirm whether leave should be accrued while on leave or not.  

When you are done, click 'Save'.

The steps above outline how to activate accrual extensions for each leave type that requires accrual and/or deduction of leave balances.

Once these extensions are activated, employee leave balances will update with any new approvals of leave timesheets (to deduct leave balances) and work timesheets (to add accrued leave to leave balances).

Extensions will run to update leave balances once overnight, every night. You can also manually trigger the leave balances to be updated. You can do this with the "Run" button in the extension, to update balances for work/ leave timesheets that were approved in the last hour, week, 2 weeks or month.

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