The Android Time Clock is an app on a device located at your workplace that allows you to view and start/end your shifts and breaks. 

Downloading the Android Time Clock

Download the Android Time Clock from the Google Play Store. Click the image below to view the app page.

Check Your Shift Details

Locate your name in the employee list and use your PIN to log into your account.

If your name does not appear in the employee list, the Time Clock may be assigned to a Location that you are not assigned to. Please contact your Manager to find out if you are using the correct Time Clock device.

Once you have successfully logged in, your shift details will be displayed if you have been assigned a shift for the current day.

Start/End Your Shift and Break

To start your shift, simply log into the Time Clock. From here, click 'Start Shift'.

To start and end your break, just tap 'Start Break'. This will only appear if you have already started your shift.

To end your shift, simply tap 'End Shift' when you are finished.

Please note: Depending on your employer's settings, you may need to capture a photo to confirm your presence during the shift start and end.

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