Remove the need to collect paper forms from your team members with Team Member Onboarding. Using this feature, team members can enter in some of their own details before they start their employment.

This feature is only for businesses located in Australia.

In this article, you will learn

Getting Started 

Team Member Onboarding allows you to digitally collect and record vital team member information. This includes:

  • Personal details

  • Bank (payment deposit) information

  • Tax File Number

  • Emergency contact

  • Superannuation details

By ticking the boxes when filling in their details, team members are confirming that their details entered are correct. The boxes, when ticked, are considered the equivalent to a written signature and meets the requirements set by the ATO.  

As a team member, please ensure that you have a Tax File Number. To obtain a Tax File Number, please click this link to find out more.

Sending an invitation to your team member to complete their onboarding process will send out an SMS and an email to the specified destinations. You will not be charged for the outbound SMS containing the invitation link.

Setting up onboarding

If this is your first time using the team member onboarding feature, you will need to set up the company's default Superfund before you can onboard a team member - you can do this via Settings via the invite form.

Note - you will be directed here when you try to onboard a team member via the People tab > Add People dropdown.

Once you've selected the company Superfund you won't need to do this again each time you onboard, just hit Save settings and head back to the invite screen.

Request documents

This feature is currently in BETA, and will be available to everyone in the next few weeks.

As an employer, you are required to collect essential documents from your new hires before they start work.

In Settings, enter the document title and description for the document you want to request. You can setup up to 20 documents. Once you’re done, remember to hit Save settings.

Pro tip: if you want your team member to upload more than one file for a requested document, you will need to set up two documents to request.

E.g. Document 1 would be “Drivers licence - front” and Document 2 would be “Drivers licence - back

Pro tip: you can add a document link such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. as part of the description and let your team member know they can access the document via the link and download.

This is great if you need your team member to digitally sign a document and send it back as part of the onboarding process.

Once you’ve set up and saved the documents you want to request, you’ll see them in the onboarding form. Here you can select and deselect which documents you want to request per team member onboard.

Viewing the uploaded documents

The uploaded documents can be viewed and downloaded from the HR forms tab of the team member profile once the team member has submitted their onboarding form. You can view and download the document straight from the profile.

Onboarding a team member

To begin the Team Member Onboarding process, head to the People tab, then click the Add People dropdown, then click Onboard Team Member.

Here, you will add the team member details, which effectively works as the initial invite. Enter the following:

  • First and last name

  • Email

  • Mobile number

When you're ready, click Onboard now. Your team member should receive both an SMS and email with an invitation link to start onboarding.

Onboard Existing Team Members

This process can also be done for team members you've added into the Deputy account. To do this, head to the team member's profile, and click the HR Forms tab.

From here, click Onboard new team member.

Reviewing submitted forms

To view the completion status of your team member form submission, simply click their name in the People tab and click the 'HR Forms' tab. Here, you can see what step in the onboarding process they are up to. You will also receive a notification in Deputy indicating the completion of an onboarding.

Once they are done, the status bar will be filled. To review the team member's forms, click 'View all forms', and it will open a new window.

Here you can view the information submitted by the team member.

If you notice something is not correct, you can request a resubmission of the form. Simply click on Request changes and a text box will appear. Add in your message and hit Send request.

The team member will receive a text message and email requesting a resubmission of the form, similar to the initial onboarding message.

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