Remove the need to collect paper forms from your team members with Team Member Onboarding. Using this feature, team members can enter in some of their own details before they start their employment.

Note: This feature is only for businesses located in Australia and will incur additional costs per new hire onboarded. As a special limited-time introductory offer, this charge will be $4.50 (inc. GST) per new employee you onboard, normally $13 (excl. GST).

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How does Team Member Onboarding with Deputy work?

Team Member Onboarding allows you to digitally collect and record vital team member information. This includes:

  • Personal details

  • Bank (payment deposit) information

  • Tax File Number

  • Emergency contact details

  • Superannuation details

  • Documents you ask them to provide as part of their employment

  • Documents you ask them to electronically sign such as employee contract of company information document as part of their employment process.

By ticking the boxes when filling in their details, team members are confirming that their details entered are correct. The boxes, when ticked, are considered the equivalent to a written signature and meets the requirements set by the ATO.

Sending a request to your team member to complete their onboarding process will send out an SMS and an email to the specified destinations. You will not be charged for the outbound SMS containing the invitation link.

Once the team member has successfully completed the onboarding process the manager will be sent an email to notify them to review the documents and also the team member will be invited to set up their password to access your organisation on Deputy.

How much does it cost?

Onboarding a team member will incur a per person cost which will be billed monthly.

You can read more at Price update: team member onboarding.

You are still able to add team members to your organisation in the usual way without incurring any additional onboarding costs.

How to Set Up Team Member Onboarding

Before You Start Onboarding

Before you can onboard a new hire you will need to go through a series of steps to set up your organisation for onboarding. You will only need to do this the first time and then it will be set up for all subsequent new hires.

The steps involve:

Onboarding a New Team Member

Once you have set up onboarding then you are ready to onboard a new team member.

1. Click on the Add People button on the People page and select Onboard employee.

2. Enter the following details about your new team member:

  1. First Name

  2. Last name

  3. Email Address

  4. Mobile phone number

3. Select from the search field any document(s) that are required to be completed and signed.

4. If the document template has customised fields set up then you will be asked to complete these fields to send the documents to the new hire. Your answers will be populated in the custom fields of the document template when the document is sent.

5. Tick the checkboxes to select any documents for the list that you require them to upload.

Click Onboard team member and the team member will be sent both an email and SMS with a link for them to complete onboarding.

You will be notified by email when they have completed onboarding and the team member will then automatically be sent an invite to download the Deputy mobile app and join your organisation on Deputy.

Onboarding a Team Member Already in Deputy

If your team member is already in Deputy but you’d like them to complete the onboarding process and upload documents you can still do this.

1. Click on their name from the list of team members on the People page then select either Personal or HR documents from the Profile menu on the left-hand side. Click on Onboard Team Member.

2. Enter the email and mobile phone number of your team member, and follow the steps as described in How to Onboard a New Team Member and click on Onboard Team Member.

The team member will be sent both an email and SMS with a link for them to complete onboarding and you will be notified when they complete it.

How to check the status and progress of your team member’s onboarding forms and documents

Once you have sent the onboarding invitation to your team member, you will be able to see the status within the People tab, underneath their name.

You will be able to filter for each of the onboarding statuses to quickly see who’s been sent an onboarding invitation, which onboarding needs to be reviewed and who has been approved.

How to Review Your Team Members' Onboarding Forms and Uploaded Documents

You will receive an email letting you know when the team member has completed their onboarding forms.

1. To review the information your team member has completed or document uploaded, either click on the Review and approve link in the notification email or else click on their name in the People tab and click the Forms and Documents section from the list on the left-hand side.

2. When you click on the Forms tab you can see information that has been submitted.

TFN declaration form: you can export and submit it electronically - learn more here.

3. When you click on the Documents tab you can download any signed documents you requested or documents that have been uploaded.

4. You can review all of the completed details and sync them to the team member’s profile in Deputy and to your payroll system if you are connected via an integration.

5. If you notice that there is something not correct with what the team member has supplied you can click Resend link and the team member will receive a new link to update the document.

Note: Documents stored on Deputy will be available whilst you maintain an active subscription to a Deputy plan. If you are required to store certain records for a specified amount of time to comply with any legislation then it is recommended that you download and store documents in your own document management system.

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