This article outlines some of the frequently asked questions about the Android Time Clock.

Time Clock - FAQ

What devices will the Android Time Clock work on?

The Android Time Clock works on tablets running Android 5+.

The Android Time Clock will not work on mobile phones or phablets.

Where can I download it?

The Android Time Clock can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Click the image below to view the app page.

How do I set it up?

Only a System Administrator or Location Manager can set up a Time Clock for a location.

After installing the app, do the following: 

Open the app and tap 'Log In.

Log in with your Deputy credentials.

Give this Time Clock a name, select the organization, and the location for the Time Clock, and tap Finish.

Once you have done this, employees will be able to start and end their shifts/breaks using the Time Clock and their PIN.

What can I do with the Time Clock?

You can check shift details, and start/end shifts and breaks on the Time Clock.

Does the Android Time Clock support offline mode?

The Time Clock does not support offline mode, so a constant internet connection is required to use the Time Clock.

Can I use the Android Time in Portrait view? How about Landscape?

The Deputy Time Clock works in Landscape and Portrait view. The Time Clock does not support split screen.

Can the Android Time Clock use Facial Recognition?

Yes, if you have set up the Facial Recognition extension, the Android Time Clock will take a photo and can determine the similarities between the employee's profile photo and the photo taken by the Time Clock.

Does the Android Time Clock support Break Planning?

Yes, the Android Time Clock uses the rules around Break Planning to ensure employees are taking the correct breaks as scheduled.

For more information about Break Planning, check out this help guide.

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