When you are invited to join Deputy, your PIN is emailed to you. This PIN lets you log into Deputy Kiosk and Time Clock so you can start and end your shifts quickly.

This guide shows how to find and change your PIN.

If you are trying to clock into the iOS Kiosk, and just need your PIN sent to you in an email or SMS text, read How to Request your PIN from the Deputy Kiosk.

If you are trying to clock into the Android Time Clock please read the instructions below:

Changing Your PIN on the Deputy Website

If you can't find your Deputy invitation email with your PIN in your inbox or you've forgotten your PIN you can view, or even change it, on the Deputy website.

1. Log in to Deputy website and click on Edit Profile.

Alternatively, if you are already logged onto the Deputy website you reach the same page by selecting Account overview from the drop-down menu under your name. You may be prompted to re-enter your password.

2. On the Edit Profile screen, you can retrieve your Kiosk or Time Clock PIN by clicking on show me.

3. If you would like to change it, enter a four-digit number in the Kiosk PIN field and click on Save Changes.

This new PIN will now enable you to log in to Deputy Kiosk and Time Clock apps.

You can also change your PIN via your profile on the:

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