For managers, you may need a report to see if employees are starting their shifts late, and by how much. This guide will walk you how to generate this report using the Custom Report Builder.

How to Generate a Late Report

First, head to the Reports tab, then click 'Create New Report' under the Report Builder.

Then select a pre-built report from the list. For this example, we'll be using the 'Timesheet' report. Click Load Template when you're ready.

Once the report has been generated, click 'Edit Report'.

Now on the left, collapse the 'Schedule' drop-down, then select 'Schedule Start Time'. This is used to compare the Timesheet Start Time vs the Scheduled Start time.

Under 'Fields', select 'Add Calculation Field'.

Under Calculation Field Name, choose a name for the late column. In this example, we'll put 'How late'. Under Data Type, select 'Number'. Enter the following for the formula:

IF([RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized] && [Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized],((ROUND([Timesheet.Date],0) * 24 * 3600 + VALUE(LEFT([Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized],LEN([Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized])-3)*3600) + MID(IF(LEN([Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized]) = 4,CONCATENATE(0,[Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized]),[Timesheet.StartTimeLocalized]), 4, 2)*60)-(ROUND([RosterObject.Date],0) * 24 * 3600 + VALUE(LEFT([RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized],LEN([RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized])-3)*3600) + MID(IF(LEN([RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized]) = 4,CONCATENATE(0,[RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized]),[RosterObject.StartTimeLocalized]), 4, 2)*60))/60,"")

Then click Save when you're done.

Your report should now have a new column 'How late' with calculated values.

The negative value indicates an early start in minutes, while a neutral/positive value indicates a late start in minutes.

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