This function currently exists as an extension. When this is activated, an employee will receive a base pay increase. This guide will walk you through to how to set-up and activate this extension.

Before You Begin

You will need to ensure that your employees have pay rates set up in their profile. The employee also needs to have their birthday set within Deputy.

Please note that this is only for junior pay rates, affecting those from the ages of 16 to 20.

Set Up Pay Rates

To set up and edit employee pay rates, click the button below to read the relevant help article:

Activating the Extension

First, navigate to the Locations tab, and click 'Edit Settings' for the location you would like to alter.

Now click the 'Notifications & Integrations' tab.

If you have already set up previous extensions, you will see a list of other possible extensions. If not, you will see a list of different providers. Click 'Extensions', as indicated with a Deputy icon. Then click 'Continue'.

Now scroll down the list until you find Birthday Today > Update Junior Pay Rates. Click Activate.

Setting Up the Extension

Within this modal, you can set up the details of the extension. First, select the award that this automation will apply to. You can select any of the library award rates in Deputy. In this example, we will use [MA000002] CPSA 2010 - Casual.

Now, enter in the values for the base rate in conjunction with the age. For more information about the correct pay rates for each specific award, check out the Fair Work website. For this automation to function correctly, the employee's rate must match to the correct base rate value according to age.

You can then select who is notified of the change. 

  • None: No notification

  • Manager: The user who created the employee account

You can also choose which type of notification you receive when an employee's pay rate is updated:

  • Both

  • Email

  • Push Notification

When you are done, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

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