Basics of the Library Awards Export

When is it best for me to use this export?

Answer: If you are using Deputy to it's full capability, the answer is all the time. The system automatically determines and applies the correct OT calculations, shift loadings, that you have applied.

The benefit of using this export option is that it ensures the timesheets have taken into account all employee details and local state and national labor laws inputed in Deputy. 

To set up, go to People tab -> select employee to edit -> Job Information ->  update stress profile then select the pay rates tab to update employee info. 

Important to note:
*If your company uses semi-monthly payroll periods, you MUST use the Deputy Award Library export method.

What payroll integrations support Library Awards export?

We currently export our Library Awards to the following payroll systems:

MYOB AccountRight Live
MYOB Desktop
Xero AU

How to export using Library Awards:

Select your compatible payroll export. For this example we are using ADP Run export. 

Then select Export Rule -> Utilize  pay rate from Deputy Pay Rate Library

Using the Award Library rates requires that all employees be set up with an award rate (e.g. FLSA Standard, California, Labor Law) in their employee profile. If the employee does not have an award rate setup, or they are using the wrong award, then their pay, overtime or shift loadings will not be properly calculated if using the new Award Library rate option. You can learn more about the using the Award Library and US labor laws here: Pay Rate Library and USA State Labor Laws.

You will need to select the correct earnings codes for each type of pay you wish to export. You can do so by selecting the correct code from the drop-down menu for each of the following:

Ordinary Hours
Double Time
Sick Leave
Annual Leave/Vacation
Shift Loadings (Eg. Allowances)
Once you have chosen the options you need, click "Export".


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