Before You Begin

Please ensure that you have timesheets approved and are waiting to be exported, and that your employees have valid timesheet export codes. Click here to learn how to set this up.

Exporting to Sequoia

First, navigate to the Timesheet Export page. Select the employee timesheets you would like to export. Click 'Group by Pay Rate'.

Next, ensure that all of the Export Codes for the timesheets you have selected match one of the acceptable Sequoia payroll codes. Sequoia payroll only accepts certain pay codes, as seen in the following table:

If they do not, you will need to edit the Export Code. You can edit the Export Code by clicking the 'Edit' button, enter the appropriate Sequoia code, and click 'Save'.

All of the export codes should then match a valid Sequoia code, as below:

Next, click 'Export Selected Items'.

In the payroll application drop-down list, select 'Sequoia Payroll - CSV Export'. 

Here you can change the name of the export file name.

When you are finished, click 'Export'.

If the export is successful, the following will appear.

Click 'Download File', and save it to an easy-to-remember location on your computer.

The file should look similar to the image below and is used to upload to Sequoia to complete your payroll process.

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