This guide will show how to connect and sync with Talenox.

Connecting to Talenox

In Talenox, head over to the Integration page on the top right menu, then select 'Deputy' and ensure that you kickstart with mapping cost centres in Talenox to locations in Deputy. You will need to do this first, before creating employee profiles in Deputy using the employee details from Talenox.

The fields of the employees' details that are being mapped over are shown at the bottom of this article.*

(Click on the image above for a detailed walkthrough.)

Once integration is done, you can start pulling approved time sheets from Deputy to Talenox. Once you have chosen the period to import the time sheets, import the time sheets, sync the employees if needed and process payroll as usual on Talenox.

View the following guide for more information:

(Click on the image for a detailed walkthrough.)

*Fields of employees' details that are mapped from Talenox to Deputy

  • Cost Centre in Talenox as Location in Deputy

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Nick Name

  • Contact 

  • Birth Date

  • Gender 

  • Hired Date

  • Resign Date

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