Employees can access their own schedules in one of three ways, through the mobile app, the kiosk, and through their web browser.

System Administrators and Location Managers may enable or restrict the amount of information an Employee access level user can see in regards to the shifts for other team member's they work with.

Please note that if you change this setting for a particular location it will affect all employees on all platforms (Web, mobile, and kiosk) at that location.

Allow Employees to View Each Other's Schedules

This option allows employees to go to Schedule and see other employees who are scheduled on.

To configure this setting, go to Locations and click on Edit Settings for the Location you wish to configure.

Select Scheduling from the left-hand side menu and scroll down to the Swaps and offers section.

Under Co-worker Schedule Visibility, click on the drop-down menu to make your selection. There are three options:

  1. Only allow today's schedules: Employees assigned to a particular location will be able to view all of the location's published shifts for the day

  2. Allow All: Employees assigned to a particular location will be able to view their own published shifts and all the shifts of their co-workers in the same location

  3. Allow none. Completely block all visibility: Employees can only see their own published shifts. They cannot see the shifts of their co-workers.

Note that if you set the permission to Allow none. Completely block all visibility or Only allow today's schedule your employees will also not be able to swap shifts with each other. However, the Offer shifts option will still be available.

If you set the permission as Allow all, then you also have the option to configure permission for shift swaps.

Don't forget to click Save before you close the window.

For more information on setting permissions for team members to swap shifts read Allow Team Members to Swap Shifts.

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