This guide walks through the two most common questions we receive about the Deputy mobile app:

Why does Deputy request these permissions on my phone?

Before you download the Deputy app from the app store you can see the information listed that the app may have access to (and for what function) in the App Privacy section.

When you start to use the Deputy application, you may be asked to allow Deputy to perform some phone functions. These allow the Deputy app to fully function.

We do not use any of the phone's functions in the background. We also do not use the extra permissions unless a specific function is selected by the user.


Allowing Deputy to send you notifications keeps you up to date with shifts that have been published or offered as available. When your manager or a team member posts a message for you via the News Feed you'll be notified about it straight away on your phone via a push notification from the Deputy app.


This permission is for System Administrators and Managers in Deputy. If they need to add employees, this permission allows them to import contacts from their phone as Deputy users.

Photos and Videos

You can attach photos or videos to news posts that you create however to do this you will need to allow Deputy to access the photos and video on your phone. You can allow access to just a selection of photos or all photos on your phone.


This permission is only triggered when you start or end your shift or log a break and is for timesheet purposes. We do not record your location in the background. 

For more information on Location capture please read Deputy Mobile Application - Location Capture and Data Access

How do I turn off the permissions if I accidentally already allowed them?

Go to your phone's Settings then the Applications list and tap on the Deputy app in the list.

From here, you can toggle the permissions discussed in the article above on and off as desired.

How Much Data does Deputy Use?

Deputy uses very little data. Data volume will vary depending on the frequency of posting of images and videos but for the functionality of clocking on and off every day for a month you should anticipate to use less than 1MB of data to operate Deputy on your phone.

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